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  1. You all have seen it happen. You farm your heart out with Radiants and you NEVER get a single gold drop. I really think that DE Warframe needs to look to make sure that the drop chances are working. Currently over the course of 4 weeks I have farmed Mirage Prime Access with radiant relics and I have gotten mostly bronze, maybe 5-6 silvers and 0 Gold rewards out of nearly 200 radiant relics. Something is obviously wrong as it is happening to several in my clan. Can we please get this fixed? PS. 50 of the 200 where Lith K2s and not a single radiant dropped gold. @[DE]Bear @[DE]Megan @[DE]Steve @[DE]Rebecca
  2. I have watched for several hours on my gaming PC Smoodie and PokketNinja and still have not gotten the drop I will try to watch Whiskey_Cat but I'm not expecting any change.
  3. @[DE]Rebecca what are the next few frames to be reworked. I know Vauban is on the top of the list any others? Dual Energy colors are on several items so far. Will we see them on Landing Crafts, Railjack, and possibly Orbiter? Will there be a docking animation for Landing Crafts and Railjack to the Oribter? Will we get to see the Orbiter? WIth dual colors will Chroma one day have the abilitie to have elemental combos? Can we get the next phase of Companion changes? Will Sentinels be brought up to Beast and Moa levels of effectiveness? When will blink come to all Archwings? Can we get more varied brown colors?
  4. @[DE]Rebecca I really love Chroma. He is my main and one of my favorite frames of all time. Since the recent Fixes that went into him he no longer feels as powerful and Draconic as he used to. As such I very rarely touch him except for sorties. I am more and more feeling like he is no longer fun to play. When can we expect to see a Chroma rework? Will we have to wait another year or two before the Dragon is brought into the future of Warframe....... 😞 I just want to feel the power of a Dragon again and raze my enemies but in his current state........ if you want some ideas for a rework I can let you know my ideas 🙂 -------- From a Chroma Fan
  5. And you complete look over the whole "I work for a living not game for a living" You could get that sure all in one day if you played all day every day without a job, life, kids or anything else. Now tell me or else I drop this convo with you........ what did the old alerts give you that a veteran of 5 years didn't already have....... hmmmm? Sure if I wanted to get my 450,000 Energy Siphon then sure the alerts were really good. But what reward is that? If you cannot see the simple fact that nightwave gives you the rewards of alerts PLUS brand new rewards, cosmetics and otherwise then you are walking around with blind folds. And before you talk about credits....... I have several MILLION credits, 10s of thousands of the resources, every alt helm, every aura mod, and yet you are telling me that I should give up the rewards of nightwave based on it sucks and it isn't easy. Also by your logic no frame should be reworked, systems should change just so a player can play the way he or she wants to. Welcome to the real world it doesn't bend to your will. Maybe once you are making $45k a year, have several kids, a wife, a house payment, among other priorities you will understand that alerts did not help you at all. With this I can come back and play on the weekends and still get all the rewards. Come back and talk with me after 5 years of playing this game if you haven't already. DE cannot make EVERYONE happy. It is completely impossible. Here is a better questions......... if nightwave sucks, then how would you have done it better without losing half of your community because they don't want to grind their 4thousandth Nitain to use it on nothing because they have everything. Do you my friend hate the rewards or would you like to play warframe as it was 5-6 years ago?
  6. Sadly friend you are straining at a knat to swallow a camel. Yes I was doing this all before but I got NOTHING out of it that I didn't already have. Now I have to work toward goals that give me new mods, new armor, umbra mod, new skins, new cosmetics. If you don't want any armor, anything new then go ahead and just not do it. I will and I will get to show off that I was dedicated and loggin for rewards that are different then just more NANO SPORES. There are no true challenges if you don't get something for your effort and we are. You'd have to be blind to not see it. No I have been doing it since it came out and it hasn't got boring and I am getting new things that I didn't have before. Yes it gets old but anything to spice up the OLD content is good in my opinion. Change is KING. And yes I feel they are awesome replacements to alerts where I had to wait MONTHS to get nitain now I farm this event and I can get what I need without waiting months to build Vauban Prime because of work. Should they coexist. Premium alerts that give you nice rewards would be nice. But tied to what has happened in game. Alerts being noob friendly is good because I want my new friends to play with me. That is what makes this game fun helping others get to my lvl. and as for your last question yes. this give new rewards rewards that we didn't have before. it also gives us tons of kuva which I struggle with because of schedule. Plus it gives me something to do till Equinox Prime, mainline, and even more new content. I am not a gamer that does his best to beat the game in 8 hours and then complain because I forced it down my own throat. How I play is not DE's fault but I am happy that they are providing ways to make it new and fun. Not to mention @[DE]Bear, @[DE]Megan, @[DE]Rebecca, @[DE]Steve, I LOVE IT when Nora Night says. "The one and future BADASS." as a reward for meeting a challenge. Makes me want to flex. Keep adding new mods, new armor, new weapons, and new better rewards. I have been hear 5 years and I will stay for another 5 if you continue to make updates like Nightwave that are unexpected, new, different rewards (mods, armor, hell skins).
  7. Also remember people we only need to complete 67% of the challenges YOU CAN SKIP IT IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT!
  8. As a Veteran who has been hear from the beggining I have loved the new Nightwave Alerts. It has brought me back into the game, gives me a challenge, and gives me something to work on and toward. Which I enjoy. @[DE]Bear Please tell the team that for me and most of my clan we have loved this new system and the loot that comes with it. At a time where we were all ready to quit the game due to burn out this gave it new life. Only the ayatan sculpture one I found irritating. But being able to get TWO challenges done in one sitting instead of having to do a 1 hour survival twice was really fun. I had some friends and toward the end with 75% life support left we had to stand back to back just to survive while giving everything we got and picking each other up. It was glorious and we all enjoyed it.
  9. @[DE]Megan UI is still breaking after dismounting a K-drive unlike what the notes say. IT is still happening I don't know what bounty I am doing cause it is all bugged out
  10. @[DE]Rebecca will companion mods in the future be usuable on Sentinels? I know the framework is there and like Moa Pets they can use Companion and Robotic mods on them but Sentinels seem a little left out of the Companion/Beast/Robotic changes for the most part. Also just a side not for you...... I"M LOVING GARUDA!!!! OMG!!!!
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