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  1. To be honest I have made other posts and they only get DE's attention when other get them locked for toxicity. I'm just getting tired of trying to provide feedback and being told to put it in the cesspool of a forum where it is rarely if ever heard. Personally I feel they need to have a main thread of hot topics the community wants. As more of a list that, We've heard you and here is our list of hot things we know you want.
  2. I agree. But right now Sentinels aren't even worth using and they just gave us another sentinel. Personally I'm getting tired of Sheldon saying...... oh we have nothing. Yet others on the DE team can push out Corpus Liches and new missions and other new stuff.
  3. I don't know why I post anything. DE doesn't even seem to listen. The years of promises and nothing to show for it is getting old. No use of having any companions when DE makes them weaker than wet paper.
  4. I really feel this is VERY BAD game design. We had a little bit of an update for Companions 2.0 and Robo and Beast pets get to have Link Armor, Link Health and Link Shields. But ONLY Sentinels don't get to have the mods. WHY!!!??? This would definitely help with the survivability until DE can get around to ACTUALLY doing Companions 2.0 like they have been promising for YEARS!!!
  5. The pictures reveal all. Any fixes for this coming?
  6. Can we get a more comprehensive look at what changes when you change the colors? For example most of the listed things that you can change the colors on have an Icon to show what they represent and you can change in real time. However under the Text section you can change the text color but only certain text. It doesn’t change the transmissions text or the text that appears for any frame that has a unique AI element. You change the background color of the text which is limited to buffs and timers above the health and on abilities. What is “Negative Text” or “Disabled Text”? No matt
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