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    Warframe "drifting" through walls

    Hello there, today I was running the spy mission on Pavlov, Lua, with Limbo and after I got out of one of the portals my warframe suddenly started drifting or sliding in one direction and was therefore hard to navigate. Hopping through the portal again or entering the rift did have no effect. I couldn't find any way to make Limbo stand still again. Not even walls or the map boundary could stop him (see video in this link). I cannot really say how this happened, I just jumped through a portal. I might have also entered the rift at the same time, but I'm not sure. What I should maybe mention is that when coming out of the portal I landed on one of those surfaces that (I think) slow you down (the room where you have to shoot the explosive container to break the wall), but as I was in the rift it did not affect me. Maybe that is what messed things up? I'll try to reproduce the issue and let you know when I discover anything noteworthy. If in the meantime you need any further information please let me know. Cheers, Alex