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  1. Can you dedicate some time into fixing enemy AI vs. stealth? It used to be that enemy would not go into alert state if the PC didn't uncloak or perform hostile or loud action near the enemy. Ever since the Gas City rework update (when I first noticed this happening) this has been progressively getting worse. This was first observed on Corpus units- they would get alerted inexplicably just by presence of cloaked PC (without any hostile/noisy action and without uncloaking) Later this issue spread to Infected and Grineer enemy AI. Now with Lich missions, I also often get Grineer troops getting into alert state when they get near (Corpus) Cameras and Turrets, but neither engage each other (which is even more puzzling). edit: The Grineer will sometimes shoot off the turrets/cameras, sometimes will just stare at them, sometimes ignore them I like to go on a scan run (using codex scanner for daily Simaris standing), and this is seriously getting on my nerves, when I can't get "stealth scans" because enemy gets aroused for no apparent reason.
  2. Quick question... When is the hotfix for this hotfix coming?
  3. Just... WHY? I'm really getting annoyed with game devs' "creativity": we made a game built around X mechanic (weapons, powers, whatnot), now let us remove this and see how well you fair... This is just punishing the players for progressing. Disgusting.
  4. Well, thanks DE... I spent the whole day trying to obtain any of these mods, only to find out ThE bUg HaS bEeN Re-InTrOdUcEd Love your fixes. 3 thumbs up!
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