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  1. When Steel Path first came out, Deimos was the Derelicts. I completed the Derelicts before the change to Deimos, even getting the rewards like the Derelict decoration and emote. However, when Deimos came out to replace the Derelicts, I have been trying to 'complete' it in order to get the Deimos decoration and emote, but to no avail. I did the steel path bounty on the Cambion Drift, I redid every Deimos node on Steel Path, but I got no reward. No Deimos decoration, no emote, nothing. No acknowledgement from Tenshin that I completed Deimos either. I do not know if I'm missing som
  2. Taking into account that I will be putting Critical Focus and Hollowed Bullets into the Mausolon, can the negative critical damage on this riven be considered not too big an issue?
  3. So far in my codex hunting on the Cambion Drift with multiple missions with Helios on alert, I have been able to scan most of the new Deimos Infested units. However, as seen here through the Simulacrum, I have not been able to scan some units, because I have never ever seen those units spawn in-game. Three types of Deimos Crawlers + Eximus variants, and Deimos Swarm Mutalist Moa + its Eximus variant. Has anyone come across these particular units in the game, and if so, under what circumstances?
  4. So I went to check at Legs for new Moa parts, and I found out that the base Moa legs, the Drimper Bracket, are still using the model meant for the new Moa legs, the Hona Bracket. This bug has been around for quite a while now, and I was hoping that it would sort itself out eventually, I just thought I'd bring it up here in case it hadn't been noticed. The new Hona Bracket: The old Drimper Bracket now, which originally were supposed to be regular Moa legs:
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