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  1. Immolate has too much going on "under the hood" that players can't see in game. When you're at max heat, the drain starts to increase over time, but there's no visible indication of what your current drain is. This means that players have to look directly at their energy bar to track it; the overheat indicator is useless because you can either be draining a trickle of energy, or be draining enough to empty your bar in 15 seconds. And there's no buff bar icon or anything to tell you what it's going to do, you either have to stare at your energy bar to track the drain rate or wonder why you've suddenly run out of energy. Making that problem worse, the fill rate of the overheat bar is very opaque as well. Rather than directly adding to the bar, her 1 and 4 increase the fill rate, and on the flip side, her 3 reduces the fill rate in addition to directly reducing the bar. These effects all appear to stack, and none of them have any visible indicator. So once again, you can either have a heat bar that takes minutes to fill up, or takes seconds to fill up, and there's no visible indicator of what it's going to do other than staring at the bar. Worse, the buffs seem to last indefinitly. If you spam 1 or 4, you're going to have a massive fill rate until you spam 3 a similar amount. I spammed out a bunch of fireballs to increase my fill rate, then stood on an energy spawn in the sanctuary for several minutes, and my fill rate was still incredible after using 3. We need visual indicator that let us see what's going to happen, not just the current state. A full energy bar might be empty in 5 seconds or be fine, but you can't tell at a glance. An empty heat bar could take 5 minutes to fill or 5 seconds, but you can't tell without staring at it to look at the rate of change. Give us buff icons to show us what level of drain Immolate has ramped up to, and another to show what our current fill rate is. I'm also just not a fan in general of how fast Immolate can drain your energy. You're effectively punished for turning on an always-on ability because if you don't micromanage the heat bar it'll drain your energy at an absurd rate if you leave it maxed for any length of time. I think that the drain rate should be capped at 2-3x the initial rate so that it doesn't scale up to the "WTF where'd all my energy go" level. Managing your heat to minimize the drain should be rewarded with better efficiency, not be a requirement to play the frame at all.
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