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  1. The buzlok getting base crit is so that you don't have to tag an enemy to deal damage. The base crit stats are enough that modding for crit will give the best damage, and then when you find a high value target you tag them and put your deeps into overdrive. That said, I think a little more QoL would be nice. The tag is still a projectile, and doesn't have fixed accuracy. This punishes you for using heavy caliber, which should be a perfect mod for buzlok; the 'dream' is to build pure damage with no regard for accuracy, then use the tag to get your accuracy.
  2. Easy solution to self damage weapons: Self damage only uses base weapon damage, no mods. Boom, fixed. Base weapon damage is actually somewhat within the realm of warframe HP pools. With falloff, as long as you don't point blank yourself with an ogris shot in a no-shield loki, you'll live.
  3. It's about power creep and dev time. Buffing 200 other weapons instead of nerfing a couple takes a lot more time, and just leads to more power creep. If every time something OP comes out, they buff everything instead of nerfing the outlier, then soon enough everything is OP and trivializes content. And yes, PvE games still need balance. Player retention, for one thing. Make a game a cakewalk with any half decent setup and people won't keep on playing. If we power creep weapons up instead of trying to keep a consistent power level, then eventually you'll be able to clear all content with basic weapons with ease. An easy game gives no incentive to keep trying to upgrade your gear. Look at it from a monetary PoV; if every new player just gets a tonkor "'cause it's oh pee" and is the be all, end all of weapons, then what reason do they have to build more weapons (and buy weapon slots for them)?
  4. That means nothing to me. I understand that it gets "Critical chance increased by 50% on [marked] targets." I'm asking how that increase interacts with mods. Say I have point strike on my Buzlok, giving 150% increased crit, for 37.5% crit chance. Does that 50% increased crit stack additively with point strike, giving me 200% increased crit, for 45% crit chance? Is it multiplicitive/increase the base crit chance, meaning I get 15% *1.5 *2.5 for 56.25% crit? Is it a flat crit bonus like maiming strike, giving me 50 + 37.5 = 87.5% crit chance?
  5. Is that 50% crit buff on Buzlok when it's hitting a marked target a base crit buff, or what? Because a third of a point strike mod isn't going to do much otherwise.
  6. 00zau

    The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.9.1

    The fact that scorches can hit you from at least 60m away (Scorch was hitting me while I looked at sniper scope rangefinder) is part of the problem as well, methinks.
  7. 00zau

    Ignis Buff

    Only if you can kill things with one bullet, I think.The ragdoll does damage equal to the killing bolt.
  8. 00zau

    Ignis Buff

    I use shred on most of my primaries. It isn't going to turn a rifle into an AOE monster. Sometimes you'll line up some sick shots, but it's not going to hit more than 1-3 enemies 90% of the time.
  9. 00zau

    Ignis Buff

    Was that ever the case? Maybe if I aim over the enemies heads? In the couple missions I've run so far the end mission report has shown very few headshot kills. I'll go test that real quick.
  10. 00zau

    Ignis Buff

    Base status chance is also 25% now. Apparently firerate effects status per second, as well? With 3 dual stat mods and speed trigger, I get 112% status chance. increasing base damage to 27 gives it comparable base damage to the baseline automatics, which combined with it's ability to hit EVERYTHING means it's actually pretty ammo effecient. Quick comparison: the Ignis now has almost exactly half the DPS of the Boltor Prime; firerate and crit are identical, and half of 55 is 27.5. The Ignis has essentially perfect accuracy, though, due to the massive AOE, meaning no wasted shots, and as long as there's more than one enemy to hit, yer probably gonna hit more than one. Perma CC or corrosive or viral procs all day, to boot. Color me tentatively impressed.
  11. 00zau

    Unarmed Combat - Narta

    I'd be for it so we can go w/o a melee weapon and still punch crates to break them,
  12. 00zau

    Hotfix 17.3.1

    Carrier has a low attack range precept because it's meant to use a low range gun.
  13. 00zau

    Hotfix 17.2.5

    Why not allow life support to exceed 100%, with any seconds of life support over a 100% being added directly to the score. In this way, the "urgency" of survival is an option to speed up a mission; you can run around hitting the canisters to speed up the mission, while at the same time giving yourself no cushion, OR you can sit around and wait the full 20 minutes per C rotation, but keep the current cushy situation.
  14. 00zau

    July 17Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Weapon Swap Speed: Yes. For the love of god buff it. Weapon swap speed is too slow to make any use of two weapons. There is essentially no reason to have a primary and secondary weapon, aside from if one of them is an ammo hog, or having a secondary for when you get downed. The swap speed is slow enough that most weapons can reload before you could swap, making secondaries useless for an "oh-S#&$-i-need-to-kill-this-guy-but-have-a-three-second-reload" moment, and it's such a flow-breaker to switch weapons that it's unfun to try and use differing weapons for range control (ie one weapon for long range, swap to the other when they get close); it's slow enough you're better off just using melee or using a long-range weapon at close range rather than switching. Bombard missiles need to lose the ridiculous homing, or have much poorer turn radii and explode on terrain contact so that you can actually dodge them or take cover. As it is, everyone has had that one rocket that you dodge and it basically comes back and hits you anyway. Blast procs are very punishing as well, which is bad for being random. In moderate content you can be fine to face-tank a rocket, but then one randomly knocks you on your &#!. Maybe make them only KD on a direct hit (but always KD on a direct hit), then make them easier to dodge or otherwise outplay. Forma: No. The 'wrong' prime part can still be the 'right' prime part for someone else. Just 'cause we want the Soma reciever from a T2S doesn't mean that ankyros or burston parts are always bad; I might be slowly building up the parts for them as a side job. Forma, as well as orokin cells and other "no one is looking for this" filler are unacceptable as rewards for Rotation C. Leave 'em in A and B only. And preferably remove them, and key drops, from the prize list for non-endless missions. Running a T1C and getting a T2C is a crap reward, because T2C doesn't have the parts I was running the T1C for. Giving a key or forma or cells as an additional reward would be okay, though. Transmuting: What if we could turn two of one prime part into one random prime part for the same weapon? Say I have a dozen soma barrels but can't find the receiver; I can turn two barrels into a randomly determined non-barrel part; the some stock or receiver (possibly the BP as well). Alternatively or in addition, let us transmute a selection of parts into a similar part for a different weapon, similar to how mods work; combine a burston and boltor stock to get a random weapon stock.
  15. 00zau

    March 13Th: Community Hot Topics!

    Avalanche needs to have CC worth mentioning. The stun is essentially nonexistent, and the damage is nothing to write home about. Give it back the ~6 second stun it had when people could put max range on it. Something like a 5 second stun followed by 5-10 second cold proc would be ult-worthy. Ice wave shouldn't need an augment to have slow effect. Sniper rifles are poor because single targets aren't all that tanky; a DMR like the Latron variants is a better 'sniper' because it can still reliably get one-two shot kills, and they have essentially infinite ammo, larger magazines, and higher fire-rates to make up for it. A missed shot isn't as punishing.