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  1. Oh god ... this is gonna be one hell of an expensive round for me. I need like at least 50% of those ...
  2. Absolutely this. I like the idea of Nightwave but the types or acts, the conditions are a problem. Give us more stuff to do each week, require less rep per rank or give more rep per mission or something. I *want* to do Nightwave stuff but I don't wanna do *all* of the Nightwave stuff. I wanna have the option to skip some stuff and do other stuff instead and still be able to reach max rank before the season is over. I don't want it just handed to me for no effort, but I want to have more choices in how achieve that goal. There's just a massive difference in difficulty and/or effort between missions which give equal rewards. Last week, 8 bounties in PoE, even if you do the shortes bounty, takes a lot longer than doing the 3 capture missions, for the same reward. I'm max rank with Cetus, I don't need anything from Cetus, I don't WANT to waste my time doing 8 bounties. 9 invasions also kinda sucked because I don't need anything of those rewards, but you have the choice of doing 9 capture or assassination missions, which can be done reasonably fast. Now, 60 hour survival only to be possibly screwed at minute 50 by someone activatin the life support module or the friend part not counting or a host migration failing? Just the mindnumbing boredom of doing a 60 minute survival.... Come on... Doing 3 x 20 survival in a week? Yeah, I'll gladly do that.
  3. Please please please give us the option to turn Wolf Cred into Wolf reputation. I did not manage to do three of the big weeklies this week and as it stands, if Brozime is corrrect (only having a 13k rep buffer to waste) I already know that I cannot not reach max rep, after messing up just this first week. I don't need any of the items I could buy with Wolf Cred though, so I'd love to turn that into rep instead at like 250, 500 or so rep per Cred.
  4. Yes, but the Warframe anniversary is in march, not february. I don't know about previous years, if there were always events in february, but these three weekends are a month before Warframe's anniversary. So it at least appears, that these weekends were made to overlap with Anthem's release date/early launch. Don't know if it's just coincidence or intentional, but it seemed a lil weird when these dates were announced.
  5. Yeah. ^^ At least as far as the current state of information is (got Premier, so I can pre-load on the 13th and play on the 14th). On topic: greatf, still missing Spira Prime and Nikana Prime and even though my account is 5 years old, I only actually started playing actively, a lot, during the Limbo Prime access time. So I don't have any of the Dex stuff yet, so great we'll be able to great previous Dex items as well. :)
  6. First two weekends overlap with Anthem's early launch and actual release date, huh, funny how that goes... 😉
  7. Rebb had a head-splitting migraine, Meg said so on the recent XBox stream.
  8. Yeah, but I really dislike the legs on the normal Octavia model and I don't think any TennoGen can do anything to make them look decent. 😕 I'd love to see what Hitsu-San could do with Harrow or Nidus though. 🙂 Harrow already looks pretty great, but seeing what he did with Equinox (<3) ... could be nice. 🙂 Also Nidus, wasn't that interested into Nidus skins until recently. But seeing what can be done, e.g. the Night Hunter (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1478708783&amp;searchtext=) or Blade of the Lotus skins (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1502990026&amp;searchtext=), would also love to see Hitu-San flex his design muscles on a Nidus skin.
  9. Same. I had the 60% once, but never the fabled 75% :/
  10. That's what I was hoping for :/ I mainly wanted to buy the accessories and farm the weapons for once (as I already got both frames) instead of buying the big bundle. But seeing as you can't get the accessories any other way and the price for both bundles is around 35 bucks, I might just spend the extra 20 bucks and get *everything*
  11. Not in love with it, but at least now the accessories are a bit better value. Now here's to hoping the Equinox Prime accessories will blow us away.
  12. Meh, the accessories 😕 I wanted something for the operator, but more like a full body outfit, not just head-gear. The two Prime operator outfits so far look great but they are both vaulted. Also, another Sugatra....? Meh. I'm probably gonna get the big pack again, if only for the platinum und the frame/weapons. But really hoped for something cool accessory-wise this time.
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