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  1. I respect your comment on my picture, but my idea behind it is to recolor the frames based on what Titania and Oberon may actually be like from Shakespeare's play. Plus, I may not get Titania Prime before this contest ends, so that's the part I'm concerned with.
  2. This is a depiction of what Titania and Oberon may look like from the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare. I'm Titania and ShiroNekoShogun is Oberon.
  3. A wizard Warframe. It can use Void energy at its disposal to create spells that can lower health and defenses of enemies and boost allies. The wizard frame can also summon ethereal spirits, similar to Nekros' Shadows of the Dead, but require no dead enemies in order to do so.
  4. When will the next Nightwave come because it's been over 10 weeks since the second intermission started and what will be the next prime warframe? Also, can Octavia have another helmet besides the other one she has now?
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