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  1. Hi, DE. I would like to report a bug about achievements. Recently, I've unlocked the "This is What You Are" achievement in-game, but it still won't register on the Steam Achievements. The same thing happened with my "Joyride" achievement. Joyride This is What You Are Still appears locked on Steam Also, may I ask what's the 15/18 means on Zenurik tree? Because I've unlocked all of them but that number persists. Many thanks in advance. Regards.
  2. Great rework. These 2 days, I've forma'd him four times and he's so much fun to use now! Oh and.. I'm noticing that every time I get on Archwing, the Wuclone dies immediately, but it didn't happen when I'm using K-Drive. When I'm off the K-Drive, Wuclone just simply respawns near me. Can the same thing be applied to when we're getting on Archwing? Also, may I suggest that the upcoming Deluxe Wukong skin also comes with a Cloud skin for K-Drive?
  3. I've posted on Reddit's Devstream 126 thread previously, but I'll paste my posts here regarding Wisp's ultimate ability.. Starting here. My objection is mostly based on how disconnected and irrelevant her 4th ability toward the rest of her abilities. The synergy between her 1st and 3rd abilities are great lookin', and her 2nd ability could also potentially be fun to use, even more so if upgraded with Dura & Range mods. More importantly, those 3 abilities fit her thematically. But, out of nowhere, her 4th ability is supposedly coming out of a portal, which I think isn't part of her theme and doesn't also involved on her other abilities, so it feels, again, irrelevant. Furthermore, I think we've already got a good amount of DPS / nukeframes, and I think not all new and coming frames need to be nukeframes too, right? IMO, having Wisp as an exclusively saboteur & trickster wispy frame will be a nice change of pace. Last but not least, I do sincerely hope the dev team will take a second look into her forced 4th ability. Many thanks in advance.
  4. I truly hope Baruuk's first ability isn't only working on enemies up front, but covering 360 degrees. He's supposed to be an agile monk, right?
  5. So yeah, about Razorwing innate Vacuum, I hope it'll be implemented on archwings too. And about Razor/Archwing Vacuums, can we please have the Ayatan Stars be automatically retrieved? It feels clunky when you're going to take them while in archwing mode.
  6. "Friends Only", "Invite Only" and/or "Solo" exist for a reason. Just sayin'.
  7. I retried again after 3 hours. And it's still the same, every pub games I joined in, host migration occurs immediately. I don't have problem with my internet connection, as I tried on other games, and they all works fine.
  8. Ever since this update, does anyone else experiencing host migration on every missions? I just about to do sortie, but been having 7 host migrations in a row, some of them resulted in crash.
  9. The MOA's custom name still won't show up public games. And MOA's Mastery didn't show up at Robotics at Profile > Equipment. 😞
  10. Seriously, this skin doesn't match Limbo at all. It deserves to be either a skin for Revenant or Nekros more. Or heck, be it's own *cough cough*... vampiric waframe. The fact that it's based on Chinese vampire that's stiff af & can only jump around, contradicts the general sleek magician-based gestures & animations of Limbo we all know of. Probably the only thing that'll make me buy this deluxe skin, is the Tarot Card throwing weapon skin.
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  12. Unable to equip Medi-Pet Kit on Helminth Charger.
  13. The download always fails at 1% and the speed's below 100kbps.. C'mon, Warframe launcher.... 😞
  14. Yay, my decorations are still nowhere to be found..
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