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  1. Thanks! Just wanted to bring it to your attention.
  2. I don't know if this is a bug or something that was intentionally changed, but landing craft parts seem to have lost the ability to be traded with other players. Clarity on this issue would be appreciated, since they are a commonly traded item.
  3. I wonder if they will cycle older primes back into game play using Lua Disruption missions. Rebecca mentioned in the devstream that they were "looking at a new reward for those"
  4. I main Valkyr and I have mostly figured out how to use hysteria in melee 3.0 pretty well, but hysterical assault is really hard to use with the new system. Maybe you guys don't realize how it works right now but: 1. Aim to target disables invulnerability but does not turn off the ability 2. Once you arrive at your target invulnerability does NOT turn back on, even though your claws are still out. Normally when you switch between melee and primary weapon hysteria will switch invulnerability on and off, but this does not happen when using hysterical assault to teleport. 3. Result is that you have to double tab 4 once arriving at your target to turn hysteria off and then back on again. So if you're updating Hysterical Assault by making me have to just wait a little longer to double tap the 4 key, that really doesn't help much. If there was a way for hysteria to turn off when aiming and then switch back on when I arrive at my target that would be ideal, but if that's not possible for some reason, honestly it would be better if teleportation using hysterical assault just turned off hysteria. Then at least it would be obvious that I wasn't invulnerable anymore and I would only need to hit 4 once. In general Hysteria has been pretty janky since melee 3.0 stuff started coming out so I appreciate that someone is working on it but it would be nice for it to stop doing these weird things where it's turned on and draining energy but not actually doing anything. I really don't need to switch to a ranged weapon without turning off the ability.
  5. Our clan is pretty small and only has a few active members but I lost my mind a little bit after all the new decorations appeared, and I figured I'd show off our work. Clan: Companions of the Yambag Rank: Ghost Clan (Rank 10) Platform: PC Clan role: Junior Architect/Gardener Video below. The most interesting room is at around 6 minutes.
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