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  1. This is the only persistently online game I play aside from MH: World. Thoroughly researched whether the "solo" mode was actually a solo mode before installing and never would have bothered if it wasn't 100% soloable. Got well over 3000 hours between my initial PC account and main console account and in that time I've completed 1 mission in co-op during an eidolon hunt due to accidentally forgetting to turn off public following a trade. Completed every bit of content aside from Conclave... Even have friends that play the game and every one of them play 100% solo. Only thing that is at all affected is cracking relics solo for specific parts, but even that is a non-issue that you get used to when 20 attempts to get the rare is all you know, lol. So I wouldn't call it a multiplayer game, per se. It's an online game with no functional difference between the two modes. DE may say it is primarily a co-op game, but that isn't the reality in practice.
  2. I feel ya. As long as there isn't some kind of lock-out preventing solo play I'm cool with it and will figure it out. Hopefully it will actually be a challenge to do it solo, then we might have some interesting content. If its somehow forced co-op (no indication it will be) I'll never touch it
  3. Yeah, it specifically says primary. Would be awesome if they did work with any weapon though!
  4. Oh, yeah... Good point. lol Is there a primary exalted in the game though? Only exalted gun I can think of are Mesa's pistols
  5. Still works the same as before. Just ran a mission to make sure and I'm seeing orange crits with Acceltra w/o crit chance on my riven (so like 80% cc)
  6. Yeah, he's pretty boring. Very useful when you want an unkillable gun turret (abilities are pretty useless) and just zone out while grinding endless. Don't ever have to worry about energy so he's great against energy sap as long as you have at least one r3 Grace. Good frame for soloing Orb Mother since he can face tank all the cc or any other higher level content when you just want to grind without having to think/do anything. Would be nice to see his kit get reworked into something useful, though if he got a good kit he'd be so OP they'd end up nerfing his tank ability into the dirt, so its probably best that they just leave him alone, lol
  7. I thought 16 was that last one that locked people out of anything? What is locked behind 19/reaching 20?
  8. This is a far better idea than what is currently in place. The element % should be the rng, not the element % AND which weapon one is getting
  9. I just counted and I have 36 unique frames, and 2 more that I just need to build in the foundry. I use MAYBE 15 of them, including specialized frames to each game mode and after I've made a concerted effort to get to know more frames. Like Garuda is dope as hell, just now learning this. Gara is great even without the unlimited dam buff, didn't know that either until playing around with her kit. So personally, I don't need anymore frames and wouldn't mind if it was just priming all the non-primed frames from here on out. But if others like them, I don't mind new ones coming into the game, just extremely slim chances I'll play them as its going to take me years to get good with those I already have
  10. Yeah, Oberon's jack of most trades, master of none. Makes him a great choice for someone like myself that is still trying to get the sequence of everything perfected in a hunt. Guessing once I've got the mechanics down to the point of them being trivial I'll be able to move on to a more specialized damage frame like chroma/volt/harrow. I'm the kind of player that hates dragging teammates down, so I'd rather get good on my own first and then find a party that can do 5+ runs a night. As an aside, anyone know the objectively quickest way to deal with lures? I've been grabbing 2, charging them, then grabbing another 4 to charge during Tera. Park 3 charged out of the way to be used on Hydro, then grab 2 more to deal with Gant. Now that I type it out like that it seems so confused, lol. Gotta be a better way
  11. I own a Harrow but don't think I've ever used him outside of leveling to 30. Not positive of his kit but he doesn't have a way to heal lures, right? I've been soloing them more for a challenge and the only frames I seem to be able to keep lures alive with is Trin, Gara, and Oberon. Use Oberon pretty much exclusively since his smite augment adds 200%+ rad damage to his own weapon now. Hallowed to add armor to the lures, and his heal of course. Always wanted to get into Harrow, and I could prob keep lures alive w/ ancient healer specter and pizza's, so I might throw a few forma on him and give him a try.
  12. Oh, cool. Haven't played it since day 1. Thanks for the info
  13. I don't like that it can steal the relics/mods you need to kill them, but other than that I wouldn't mind if it took 100% of the credits/kuva/etc. I mean, were I to start stealing from someone to anger them, might as well steal it all rather than 5% or whatever it is
  14. Oh, well I better just remove my post then, lol. Thanks for the heads-up!
  15. Oh, didn't know that applied to partners... Want me to see if I can delete your quote? Edit: I removed your original quote just to be sure.
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