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  1. Honestly don't even know where the door is, let alone how to open it. Any reason to open it? Or just resources? Edit: Nvm. Saw the reply above me mention Jupiter. I know of them, but have never cared to explore
  2. Oh, for sure. Although CD is still highly desired as you're putting out alot of crits on a BR/combo Kronen build. But yeah, an extra 60-90% (not sure what kronen riven element's numerical values are these days) to add to your viral or corrosive is a lot more damage to build those crits upon, and is probably going to open up an extra slot easier than cc/cd. Personally, I'd love to have one with attack speed, reach, and toxin whether it was considered "meta" or not. Combo duration is meh for me as I run naramon almost constantly, but for those that don't I can see why one would want it in or
  3. Where's you're argument now, Einstein. Please tell me again how stacking cc on high fire rate weapons is bad! How CD is bad on Kronen, lol. All you had to do was NOT be a d-bag when you started in and you wouldn't look like a fool. Lesson learned. Have a wonderful day! XOXO
  4. Wait... I just skimmed this when I replied before, but there are some seriously wrong statements in here. These are the results of unveils up to maybe 10k kuva, so like 6 rolls tops. I never go and farm just so I can roll a riven, and often I'm rolling 3-4 at once, so 5 is the most they're going to get in almost all situations. With that out of the way, of course I'm stacking cc, why wouldn't I? Are you thinking of status... from 9mo ago? 140% cc means you're guaranteeing all shots yellow crit, with a 40% chance of moving into orange. That is roughly double the damage of a normal
  5. Already said it once, but just in case you forgot: I DO NOT CARE Never said this gives you the best rivens. I said it gives you rivens and the easiest source of plat in the entire game without having to do any extra kuva-grinding at all. Even pointed out the problems with those that I listed, so I really don't know what you're on about. If someone wanted better rivens they can put in the time to grind kuva and roll them. "Problem" solved. Or... and hear me out: you could just not care. For one thing its a video game, so there's that... A video game that is not hard by any mea
  6. Really don't care what you think, and neither should anyone else. Stay salty, bro
  7. It's not bad advice. Its almost exactly what I've been doing for years. I have close to a ~85 rivens, half of which are good to great-ish and for desirable weapons. That's not counting those that I've sold. Spent 300p on rivens and that was before I started doing what was posted. Bought a Vectis for 100 and Rubico for 200, both high rolls but they served me well in eidolons. I've since made thousands of plat selling good rivens for weapons I don't like, with essentially no kuva grind in the last year+. Might be bad advice from the perspective of the riven hawks in trade chat lo
  8. I saw nothing wrong with what you posted. Might have been a little misleading, but it didn't read like clickbait... I'm sure there are a lot of people that don't really engage with the system that might have learned something, so sure, correct some wording but no need to recant. Thanks for putting info out there. God knows DE doesn't do it, lol
  9. I stopped actively doing it long ago. Still kinda fun just doing when you build up kuva organically either through NW, Arb's or actual gameplay. The kuva to time ratio in farming is just way too low when 100k is spent in seconds if you don't get exceedingly lucky
  10. I've been doing this for a long time, and you don't get "god-rolls" doing it. Well you could, but they are still exceedingly rare. I've had a few really good rolls that work well with the weapon, like a Pandero with +cc +ms -recoil, meaning the alt had virtually no recoil, 140% cc and 3.4 MS. But its still not a god-roll or even an expensive riven. Probably the best I've ever personally rolled was a Kronen that had +cc +cd +infested dam and an innocent negative that I can't remember. It WAS a high plat riven 6mo ago, but far from the highest since cc is not great on kronen. +dam +atk sp
  11. So your frame disappears and you can't transfer back in from operator? Is this in Deimos or one of the other open worlds? Only trouble I've had is affinity loss while using it to do isolation vaults, though I've only used the mech on Deimos and only enough to forma it once. Pretty sure it was always with Atlas Prime, and I never really got far away either. I'll jump in and see if I can replicate it
  12. Yeah, at Fortuna. I'm sure there are others that would work without the rep grind though... Atomos built for rad might work well and can be gotten early (MR5, I think) As HoustonDragon said the shwaak is pretty good at dealing with them, I just personally find a strong secondary to be more consistent. But it sounds like you just built a 323, and shwaak would be a 2xx. I can't remember what the alt-fire of a 32x would be, but it might work pretty well. I wouldn't worry about it yet, it was just a suggestion to cut down on the time it takes to clear and keep the vomvolysts from rech
  13. You might check your foundry to see if you've got the parts to build Oberon. I think they drop from Eximus units so he's the kind of frame you passively get just by playing the game. When I first started eidolons that was who I usually solo'd with and it got even better when his augment was released. The first eidolon you can run pretty much any frame as it takes quite a bit for the teralyst to kill the lures. Second and third will rip through the lures really fast, so you really need a frame that can keep them alive at that point. A bit of advice: use the catchmoon to deal with
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