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  1. I'm not going to thank DE for 'tweaking' a problem they created. REMOVE the burden tokens and revive mechanic - if you've read any of the feedback, you'll see an overwhelming negative response. No one wants to revive mechanic; ditch it and fix the reward problem instead.
  2. My question is, what is the incentive to revive a team mate - other than it's now really annoying to have a debuff from Resurgence Burden (especially with vaccuum mods). Because that debuff is now punishing you for having other people dying - how is that my problem? I want to be rewarded for surviving, not punished because I've got randoms who aren't as equipped as I am for longer runs. I don't do Arbitrations to babysit other players. What I do the arbitration for is rewards...which is now somehow more disappointing. The cost for the new rewards is absurd and not worth the time - 50 vitus for a S#&$ty emote are you kidding? The skins are just...I mean they're just re-colours basically aren't they? I literally can't see a reason I would waste vitus on them, they don't change the appearance what-so-ever. The atomos and amprex still look weird as hell, why not make a new model for them? I'd give 25 vitus for a new model of each. 25 vitus for a random riven on weapons you use for maybe 2 missions - and only because you HAVE to (and even then, maybe 3 of the total archwing weapon set are used with any regularity). When are you going to give your long term players some REAL end game content? Some rewards worth grinding for? 50 vitus for an emote is not a decent reward; it's insulting.
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