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  1. It is for 3 hours. I believe multiples instance add their time, but I could be wrong. I don't see much room for abuse with a +25% buff. And also don't see much reason for someone that worked all the way to MR 30 to want to abuse it. With that said, seems like every system ends up with some form of abuse.
  2. The blessing is a nice, optional buff. I certainly wouldn't wait for one - unless I'm just lurking in-game; it's a +25% buff. Nice, but not huge. I like the idea of having some indicator of its usefulness (maybe a counter that shows in a UI), but I'll still go to the font to grant the buff without it. As far as additional incentive to reach mr 30, it sounds like DE is working on ideas. IIRC, the term "legendary levels" came up - I'm hoping it's something akin to OP levels in Borderlands. I like the rewards as they are now. Certainly would welcome more.
  3. Same here. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. It did require me to login after doing so, but then the app crashed immediately. Happens on both iPhone and iPad. Hard crash. App screen closes. Only trace left is found with double-click of the home button in order to swipe up to completely remove the process from memory.
  4. Same here. I wonder if anyone posted about it in the bug forums.
  5. Closing your chat window does not close the window for the other person. A simple, "hey - not looking for it anymore" is adequate and appropriate. If it was worth the time to take someone's time and attention in the first place, it is worth the time and attention to be considerate and give a quick reply. It is frustrating because the person on the other end is putting time and attention to reply and work on making a trade. They don't know why replies to chat aren't working. If the person had a distraction, was working on many trades at once, accidentally closed the tab, it can hel
  6. I didn't read the entire thread; TLDR (apologies). People sometimes act in inconsiderate ways. Don't let them get to you - you did nothing wrong, and the effort to prevent it isn't effective. Hang in there and know that most people, most of the time, are good / friendly. Some of the best interactions I've had in Warframe chat were through trading with others. Those players that choose foolish behavior will sadly suffer from their actions over time. It's natural (think Karma).
  7. Thanks @Muhanoid. If it repeats for me, I'll comment.
  8. As you can see from the image, sometimes the glyphs repeat. The good news is that other players in the squad are not impacted. I've had it happen like the image shows (all glyphs the same), and I've had only 1 glyph repeat (e.g. A B A C). https://drive.google.com/file/d/11tdOzmgrWnhOosej1BCBDe4JUlg4Syzx/view
  9. I was playing an Isolation Vault mission on Deimos. Not sure what I was doing when this went wrong - may have been leaving/entering a Necramech. As you can see from the video, I am in the Operator state. In the lower-right, you can see "Invalid Target" whenever I try to leave. Jumping off the map didn't fix it. Dying didn't fix it. Killing the game via Task Manager and restarting, I was lucky in successfully rejoining the team; the mode reset - so that fixed it.
  10. I was fishing on Deimos and then ended up in this stuck state. Game is working, but my controls aren't - except for 'M', 'P', 'H' and right-click zoom. Oh and 'T' so I was able to type into chat.
  11. That's not constructive @Malki_7. See how I posted my concern, thoughts around why there is a concern, and ideas on how to do better - actionable feedback. Thanks @Mediloric for the info. I am always mindful of possible hardware issues. Here's my current thinking (again with years of experience playing into decision-making here) - it's Warframe that crashes. No other games I am playing theses days. No other software is crashing. No BSOD. Also, the symptoms when Warframe crashes are consistent. Huge pause in play followed _sometimes_ by a crash. Given how consistent this is, a har
  12. Today, Warframe crashed on my computer. Not a rare occurence, to be honest. No other games I play these days seem to have this problem, but I cannot rule out a hardware issue. However, today's crash was different. After taking a while, the game disappeared from the screen to reveal a web page had been automatically opened in the browser. That's the First bad form. I don't want my games randomly opening other applications. The second Bad form is being directed to a page that asserts: WARFRAME DETECTED A PROBLEM WITH YOUR COMPUTER. If you're seeing this page it could be
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