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  1. Yup, came here to report this. Happens every single time.
  2. Before I killed my Kuva Lich, he had Corrosive listed under Weaknesses (I'm 95% sure of it). Now after I've killed him, when I went to look at his stats in Codex > Kuva Lich History, Corrosive is listed under Resistances. So, which one was it? Sadly, I do not have a screenshot of his stats from before I killed him... EDIT: Here are his stats now: EDIT 2: Or do Kuva Liches adapt if you use a damage type that they're weak to?
  3. Oh man, this might be it. I too have that preloaded...
  4. Yup, noticed the same behaviour. I could be just moving mods around in my arsenal or in the middle of a mission (solo) and there can be a 1-2 second hiccup. Not crashing, but it's very noticeable and annoying. Currently running the download cache optimization to see if it helps. If I don't edit this comment, it didn't.
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