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  1. Pay. Attention. Or find a synergy with the weapon and a frame.
  2. For me the log in boosters seem attention hungry. "PLAY ME NOW, ALL DAY " kind of pathetic actually.
  3. Wouldn't be easier on the DE side of the Hardware just to auto drop everything everywhere ?
  4. I am still refusing to go further in my Railjack progression and entire gameplay due to the fact that the SMALL nugget of lore was locked behind a timed event that needs special equipment. Lore-wise the entire thing makes no sense. NONE of the factions even look at this sentient ship, which threatens their own existence, and decides to focus their aggression towards it. Maybe i am just a lore nerd but the whole story is now hijacked for a game mode.
  5. I'm still disappointed that I have to grind an intrinsic up to rank 7 just to get some lore. Blocking the story behind all that grind is just a gut punch. At least one the bigger "content creators" put it out there for us to see.
  6. Completely aware. Wanted others to actually see this post and beware. Thanks for the try though !!
  7. Since my last post was removed and I am trying to raise awareness of this bug. Corpus Tilesets when cracking relics will bug , NO MATTER THE MISSION. Rattels become inert and will halt further progress. Anyone else getting this bug. Yes it has been reported.
  8. They can also bug out in those missions as well. ANY corpus mission has the bug. It has also been reported just thought the community should know.
  9. Rattel in ANY map have been bugging out and being marked as friendly. Unable for defense waves to complete. Please fix ASAP, cannot complete relics in this state.
  10. Or this game mode should have launched with the same exact functionality and options for leaving missions as the rest of the game. I dunno. Would make it feel more streamlined and make it seemed like it belonged in the game in the first place.
  11. Sometimes i feel that there has been an overreaction to the "Content Drought' "Content Creators" in the game. Core systems , optimization and bug fixing would really help DE out right now. Anyone that will try to make a living out of internet review money will find themselves short someday. DE is going to do whatever the hell they want. The reviewers outnumber the creators. I would prefer to avoid a Season 8 fiasco. Support DE in the right areas and not the leeches in the wrong ones.
  12. Railjack could have been placed into the same "type" of player interaction in the game as Lunaro or Conclave. Interactive menu on the orbiter. I am either solo or taken on some strange trip in space which is fun, yet unsatisfying as far as knowing if I am actually getting rewarded for the time spent, or sometimes NOT spent. We have 2 systems that actually work for matchmaking besides The core game that hardly anyone gives a crap about. Implement Railjack that way, rewards and all. Then put Relics and mystery boxes in Lunaro and Conclave and see if that makes them populated.
  13. That's how it works ? No j/k been in hyperspace for a while on the 2 "completions" I have.
  14. We all know you are working hard on this to make it Clean, Slick , Polished and Fun. A HUGE QOL for the game mode has got to be a streamlined join squad click of a button . Like we already have. Otherwise this is a huge wait and see release. Not a mega-money maker like you all wish.
  15. This reminds me of when Elder Scrolls Online first came out in open beta. No way to join a Co-Op focused system will kill it very quick and then take YEARS to bring people in. Pause it with an explanation or just watch the Railjack burn at this point.
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