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  1. So completing a Loki Prime is possible ? AXI L4 Issue
  2. Another experiment conducted. 4 out of 5 persons with items to sell on warframe.market were in fact not "online in game" So then I posted a total of 11 "sets" of items on same third party website. Which were actually for sale. I could not keep up with the amount of in game messages in order to sell said items in time for most of the buyers. It took me 3 IN GAME HOURS to sell the items in an orderly and non toxic manner. There are examples of a better way to do this. Many other less popular games do this. I believe Digital Extremes can as well. At this point it is a Quality of life issue. More so than a digital waterfight.
  3. It is a simple fact that having resources dedicated to "Maroo's Bazaar" and requiring that any trade have to happen there or on a Dojo is a resource waste, Many other , LESS POPULAR games have in game Auction Houses, For Warframe to NOT have one, or at the very least not have a tutorial on how to even use trading in game is just Archaic. Any item that can be traded now, is and WILL BE an inconvenience for any new player.
  4. So what OP is saying is that there are popular F2P games that do it better and would like to see it implemented here. As well as older and outdated games that already have a better system with less resources and player base to appreciate it. Console players lol.
  5. Well that is the "Funny" part of the story. Filter the trade chat with simply WTB. Every single thing that pops in has WTB quickly followed in the link with a WTS attached. Kinda makes the filter obsolete. Clunky. Old. Outdated. Unnecessary. Downright dumb. Thanks for trying, or I don't know, try doing it yourself. Either way it was an experiment with using the trade chat filter to see if I only got WTB posts to show up. Alas WTS also was attached to them all..
  6. Funny story. Logged in just to try the trade chat filter method with the "WTB" filter on. I saw mostly WTB[insert random object] Immediately followed by WTS [insert object here] text. what is the point of the filter ? it doesn't matter what channel you use it's ALL WTS . "50 million" "Players" . Zero - QA for the economy of the game. The trade system of Warframe is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay outdated, We grind , we want to sell, we have to go to an outside source that is somehow linked to the game. seems like I am using DoS. C://WTS//Sell//AXIL4//90000pl//ASL
  7. Guild Wars 2 market sysytem is the best I have seen so far. You put what you have to sell on there. It takes a certain of credits from you (in game currency sink). Someone buys what they want from you (costs them credits as well). All passive trading. You check back later to see what you bought or sold and get your Plat (gold there) or your item. It's a no-hassle streamlined system that has never been hacked and is extremely convenient for all.. Easy, Breezy, Tenno squeezy.
  8. Some people are illiterate and I dare say, non English speakers living in the developed world.
  9. Polygon Hahahahahahahaha way trustworthy and not shillish at all
  10. Nekros Prime still missin. Hotfix me please.
  11. Axi L4's for Loki Prime. NEver recieved a single on. Multiple HOURS in Mot or Marduk. Pretty salty bout it. I just wanted the helmet lol
  12. Weird. I got the Ephemera very closely after watching the first 4 hours. Still have yet to see my nekros prime after watching the last half. Even sat through the Simaris game show lol.
  13. That's the point of the post. Thank you !! Archwing mobility should feel the same as Frames mobility. If I wanna stop and change direction I should be able to. This silly "logic & immersion" to archwing is just plain dumb. We can even go from a full tilt run to a backflip on our frames. On Archwing we have to pump the brakes just to stop at the extraction point. It all just feels stupid even from a physics perspective. ESPECIALLY IN SPACE.
  14. I use Itzal the most for the simple fact that I can , with enough energy, Stop On A Dime. The teleport is a great convenience. The fact that I can just STOP is awesome.
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