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  1. Not bothering with game until fixed.
  2. The nerfs are very hard with suggestions that kitguns will be nerfed harder next time. Not a fan.
  3. They also disappeared when not picked up at all. They are swallowed when the fissure closes.
  4. Only 3 fractures appeared, closed them by inserting coolant, defending till 100 each. No points or rewards or progress....wtf
  5. Warframe no bounties fortuna NOT fixed. Now no bounties appear in fortuna. I have been retrying and retrying.
  6. Not the cap (not what Im talking about), however you say 25% score only counts. Please link where you get your info, because on Devstream they said it was a bug. If it isnt a bug just stupid.
  7. Very sad no fix to the Vent kids standing mostly not counting. I'm not talking about races btw. Only 25-30% of tricks make standing. 😢😢
  8. Can we get a drop chance table for this? 7500 credits are almost only drop I get. I have grand finale and glyph too but they useless. Also, the codes for fortuna still not received anything? Is that right.
  9. There were no in game notifications. I found out first from a YTber this morning (UK). Everything I used regularly or had rivens for have been nerfed. 😢 All the Eidolon hunt weapons of choice have been nerfed. All the good secondaries. I was exicted to see what you put in Fortuna, but when I opened the can, it was: I'm not a fan.
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