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  1. Refining should not be in the game. It's just busy work to make sure you lose materials in several ways: Forgetting to refine or host ending mission without warning - Lose materials. Max capacity of forge - Lose materials over capacity. Refine mid mission (or whenever) and fail mission - Losing resources Use materials for repairs and special weapons, - Lose materials. So adding a warning is pointless because you lose either way and neither way is wrong. Expecting mid mission comms to agree refining is absurd and trolling is real, intended or not. IF there has to be a forge at all (shared resources): Forge should auto share at end of mission Anything above max capacity should be auto shared No refine button at all (auto as required) I have searched for WHY we have refine at all and all I can find is it because its an 'programming engine issue' due to using resources during an active mission, ie it has nothing to do with game play. IDK if thats true. I see some arguments for cooldowns instead of using materials. IDK what's best, I just know its not working and adding a tool tip is like putting a band aid on the Niagara falls.
  2. Refining: Remove refining. What are the benefits of it? What is is supposed to achieve? I tired to search but couldn't find anything, only more people supporting the idea to remove it. It's been said here already, host ends mission and there is no time to refine, trolls, no partial refine, bugs, host migrations, administration and not play. All it does is exacerbate these issues. Bugs in the last 30mins: Missing railjacks on the inside Infinite falling in missions, unable to unstuck Also, the near constant insta death when exiting ships now is stupid
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