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    Syndicate Title Not Ranking Up.

    You need the chassis. You have the blueprint.
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    Syndicate Title Not Ranking Up.

    I paid the price to rank up a Syndicate the first level. I hit exit part way through, after paying. The bonus item screen did not appear. I now have 5000 standing, but can not reach the next rank. If I click rank up, it shows the cost for the 22000 standing rank, but nothing else. I tried restarting the game, as well as lowering my standing and increasing it again. Neither (obviously) worked. Here is a link to a Google Drive folder containing screenshots. The Syndicate in question is Arbiters of Hexus. As you can see, I successfully ranked up with Sephalon Suda. Thank you for taking the time to read and resolve this; I look forward to hearing back soon. Edit: Realized the problem. The payment was initializing the syndicate, not ranking up. Feel stupid now. Thanks for the comments and attempted help. Sadly, though, there's no cure for stupidity.