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  1. This is a list of bugs that I observed in one (failed) bounty mission on PoE 1) Trank rifle inability to reload normally - game don't react to "R" key; if all darts are spent - next click remove Trank Rifle and switch to secondary weapon 2) Drastic (down to 11-12) FPS drop on PoE mission (all display settings remained same) 3) Non-spawn of key mobs in mission (cause of fail in "Sabotage the supplies")
  2. BTW: Endo stack don't give info of provenience and we can't distinguish between looted drops and caches/vaults rewards
  3. Is not just UI - reaching rank 29+ in mission, end missions results show rank 32+, loadout screen show only 29 (so I did one more mission to full rank) so game seems lost account of bonus Affinity.
  4. Same on Opera, need to use Chrome and in Chrome I have trouble with signing on forums - even when I'm logged in main warframe.com, forums keep asking to sign in and when I try - cite say I'm already logged... I need to log off from cite and sign in from forums page
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