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  1. Doing 4 missions in row for Simaris daily scans on Cassini - NW progress for that challenges is reseting at 50-70 kills in-mission and again after mission end, so both are at zero now.
  2. It's an old bug with Uranus subaquatic maps - don't even need Itzal Blink - just a "wrong" manuever near wall/celling/floor and you archwing have a chance to fall thru textures...
  3. Still no MR 9 test fix? Now I have two clanners who are stuck with insane detection range...
  4. https://ibb.co/C5XfwF6 https://ibb.co/4N3s3Qg Same for me...
  5. Gunner6011


    last update induced bugged enormous area of detection and spawn triggers for mobs in this test - sometime you enter next zone, mobs spawn and instantly see you
  6. Even second round is bugged - I checked in Practice mode after my clanner got stuck on it - 1) Mobs from stages 2 and 3 spawn only when player proceed too deep in area 2) as poster said - they now have insane detection range - my WF was detected on end platform of stage 2 by mob on upper platform at end of stage 3
  7. 1) Gamma / colours is off (black became blue as most frequent example), sometime on Aim Glide world around become "muted" - like when Stalker appears. 2) Conservation on PoE become brocken - some tranked animals float at different level above ground being unreachable without archwing, sometimes they got damaged by being in proxymity to my WarFrame (thus reducing Standing income) 3) Just today one of my clanner tryed to take MR9 test and failed because mobs have larger detection range than before (two detection occured when changing subarea and mobs where spawned - immediatly detection). 4) Done today Sortie and after last stage (Assasination on Fossa) i have one more Jackal Sigil...
  8. OK, all suggested is high and mighty but isn't low MR content. For starters you need to aim for: 1) Rhino as WarFrame (Venus boss drop on Fossa) - his second ability give literal immortality and almost perfect immunity to oh so many status affects when active. Recommended mods - +Armor and +Strength 2) At MR 5+ Atomos as secondary - mass destroyer of close lurking mobs. BP can be obtained from market console. Recommended mods - +Damage, +MultiShot +Range (this mod is a rare drop from same boss on Fossa) and elemental mods for fire+viral, fire+corrosive, radiation+viral combos that have bonus damage for certain groups of mobs. 3) At same MR+5 for primary weapons things can get tricky depending of your clan research level - if chem lab have researched Ignis - yer lucky and just need to build it. Mod recommendation - same as for Atomos. If you don't have a clan or clan don't research Ignis yet then I'd suggest trying some shotgun (almost don't use, so can't give advise) or a sniper (used a catalised and formaed Hushed Vulcar until I developed my Dojo high enough for sayd Ignis). 4) Melee is not my skill (using it only when running out of ammo or in rare sorties) so just aim for something that suits your stile.
  9. As title say - Thumper keep to disappear mid-fight (last Bull in mid-thump so he can't be drop thru textures). Occured for me as Host, Client and Solo; on Free Roam and during Konzu Bounties... DE, do something to this game - I need Doma for NW and Thumper skipping battle at ~ 15% HP is frustrating as Hell...
  10. Tryed to drag (as Host) my low-progress (War Within quest at max) clanners to Ropalolyst Assasination and they got stuck in endless loading screen (with landing crafts responsible to controls, but with no chat). Is this an intended mechanism or a bug? Yes, I know that node requiremans description say about "Chimera Prologue"...
  11. NOT strange motion set in middle of the fight, but a total off switch - because can't backflip flaying out of terrain beacause SUDDENLY SPEEDSTER!
  12. So that was it... Not my halucination in ESO XD
  13. All coins have two faces, and trouble with reward list must attend both - I'm far away from endgame tier, but really, I need only Kuva from this (Kuva farm missions are too annoying), my low/mid MR clanners have other hardship at hand - a bunch of "challenges" are hard/impossible or utterly MR/progress locked. So DE march on path that thinned player-base of so many games - "Start an event with rewards that HI-LVL don't need, and LOW-LVL can't get..."
  14. 1) Market UI don't show info about "Mastered" status of item, same for Arsenal procure weapon window. Status (Mastered/Owned) is shown correctly only on Forge UI. 2) Being thrown in an Nullifier Conduit sphere disabled all Abilites (including Transference) and this was removed only by Dabolist detonating an Conduit near my WarFrame an quarter of hour later. 3) During an mission on Amalthea I discovered that "Frozen Body" objects markers don't are removed from map after they are interacted. Same thing is an persisting bug of "Air Drop modules" in Orb Vallis, that maintain not only markers on map, but characteristic sound tune as well. 4) on same mission on Amalthea in one of Spy Vaults at bottom of tile with some cooling liquid/ice was some graphics glitch - https://ibb.co/jJPJCQy showing not floor, but some other chamber 5) on same Vault near bottom is some lifting plates than move up - they can't lift WarFrame, but if you jump then plate moves up under feet, resulting finally in trapping WarFrame - https://ibb.co/fDXMxp9 , only way to escape being /unstuck command.
  15. Market UI don't show "Mastered" status on items - https://ibb.co/n04g4Mk
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