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  1. Ouuukaaaaay! 7*1k + 5*4.5k +2*7k = 7 + 22.5 +14 = 43.5k theoreticly aviable standing per week. So 30 additional ranks, 300k needed = at last more 6 week of NightWave nonsence for a max 60 creds per week with almost nothing usefull as rewards (YES, I burn all creds on Kuva and NO - I don't think cosmetics are usefull...)
  2. As title say - one of my clanner inquired about necessity of opening all lockers in Void tile set. And I sincerely stated : "I don't really know - I just sweep each room with my IW and run to next, so let's ask on forum"...
  3. Check in Option -> Gameplay in what region are your client searching for matchmaking - sometimes it switch to a random region that are far out from required latency boundares...
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