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  1. The Floss, but one legged. One leg goes back and forth alternating between in front and behind the other leg. The standing leg goes from side to side as well. Might look more like Michael Flatley.
  2. Sebastian, Kubrow (aged 4) Seeks fellow Kubrow for companionship. I’m a fully Orbiter-toilet-trained, rank 30, fun loving pooch, and mostly loyal to my Tenno master - however I’m now looking for a fellow Helminth Howler to share space-life with! So if you fancy joining my squad, then we can chase some Kavats together and see where it leads us. /w me! Likes: Travelling the system, nitain alerts, and loyalty. Dislikes: Genetic degradation, smelly Grineer, and going into Stasis (please don’t leave me!)
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