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  1. Never mind it’s worked now after I logged out of wf 😂
  2. I unlinked my acc relinked it,claimed my reward but haven’t had a message from teshin at all even tho it says I’ve claimed it. How ever when I claimed it I got an error message please can u help as my drops worked fine before.
  3. Can you please get the extractions fixed and the sat nav not showing the doors you need to go to when exiting missions its sooo anoying.
  4. I recently hit mr 30 but haven’t got my weapon slots, yesterday I killed my lich and receiving my weapon I was told I need to buy more weapon slots. Please can you help?
  5. I recently hit mr30 but since then haven’t acquired 15 new weapons, I upgraded a kuva weapon and on receiving it I had to buy more weapon slots.
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