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  1. Just want to clarify my earlier post: this is happening with all melee weapons, including the Xoris. It is not limited to the Xoris. Glaives make it more prominent, since the BR/WW/Glad buffs don't seem to notice the combo gain from the glaive bouncing around, but it's absolutely affecting all melee weapons. It's just that exalted melees make it obvious since the determinate factor seems to be whether you are actively hitting mobs with your equipped melee weapon within an arbitrary range around your frame. Glaives that have been tossed far enough don't "count" because, I suspect, they're
  2. I've come across this as well. Happens with any melee weapon and an exalted melee (like Baruuk's), but also happens with glaives when you toss them to build combo. The problem seems to be that the buff is falling off as if your combo multiplier ran out, even when it didn't. If you throw a glaive across a room and have it bounce around between enemies, you gain combo for those hits... but Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds/Gladiator mod buffs don't seem to pick that up. So they just fall off. You can toss the glaive at your feet and have it bounce around close to you, and you'll both maintain
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