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  1. Yep, we def. need a toggle after those huge *** appearing and disappearing wings. Please don't make this a MuFrame Online. Let em keep their wings and make all other seasonal stuff permanent for all I care, but give us the toggle to make the game look better.
  2. Maybe your ISP employs bad peering, as in routing its network traffic through overloaded or too many hubs. Instead of your traffic going from A through B and C to destination D, it goes from A to B-C-D-E-F-G-H-I-J and finally to destination K. The less direct the path, the worse the latency. Bandwith is not that important when hosting a Warframe match because not much has to reach other players, but it must reach them fast. I have been using a small local ISP for a while and while I had guaranteed 100MBit/s, they routed all their traffic over 2 different countries before going b
  3. Can confirm that even with a low ping limit, I still get matched with extremely laggy hosts from time to time. It may be because there is only an initial check if the host is reachable fast enough. That does not take into account that the host performance can vary greatly and a 20ms latency during the initial connection test can turn into permanent 4000ms latency while loading into the mission because the host uses mobile internet, shared medium cable internet, faulty host computer configuration or any other circumstance that can affect connection. The Warframe client even reacts pre
  4. I am sure this will be fixed pretty soon. We are asking for general toggles disabling seasonal cosmetics altogether :D
  5. 🤣 Sure you can. You can also stand up and proclaim that you disagree without even trying Gauss once because 'THINK OF THE DEVS' after multiple people stated how bad his first iteration was. It just makes you look like a #$&(%. That's how this works. It was never that much of an issue because nobody actually wore them and many of them were seasonal-only like the 'stache and the pumpkin head. The wings are a whole different level of nuisance. The second paragraph I can give right back at you. Instead of supporting more diverse options certain people cho
  6. So people asking for a simple toggle because they favor aesthetics and setting to be somewhat consistent along the artistic choice (You cannot deny that seasonal stuff is not consistent to the setting) being made over the years are somehow concern trolling while people arguing against it because "THINK OF THE POOR ARTISTS" are not the actual concern trolls? OK.
  7. So pink Rhinos with stardust emitting feathered wings and pumpkin heads killing stuff with candy canes is the artists preferred vision of Warframe? Can I get a source on that? All of the default looks that came from said artists as well do look nothing like that, after all. Then there shouldn't be a problem in changing a toggle for seasonal stuff into warframe, is there? Nobody gets hurt that way.
  8. Instead the game encourages us to play it like an Idle Clicker in endgame, as if that is way better. Best way for Sanctuary? Volt and skip everything. Best way for bosslevels? Wukong and skip everything. Steel Path? Semi-Idle Khora until you got them juicy SE. The most awful kind of gameplay is being encouraged/rewarded in Co-Op currently. If you want to maximize efficiency further, solo is encouraged (except for relic farm, where you need other teamplayers only as a slotmachine-chance-booster, not their firepower or skill) Tell me how that is so much better and som
  9. Yeah, more wipes are the consequences of encouraged co-op with sensible mechanics in place and more challenging content in general. This is no reason to work towards making Co-Op entirely obsolete outside of 'look at my glorious Frame, now step aside I need to press 4 to win the game' I am not arguing that the solo mode should disappear for people that enjoy solo or have no time to commit to a game. It is just the Co-Op tag that Warframe bears and held up higher in the past that becomes more and more unwarranted. I would even go as far as truly turning this into a musou-esque game an
  10. So people going afk for a multitude of different reasons apart from gameplay is somehow the same as people going afk because there is no gameplay to begin with and all there is is to do is waiting for the round to end? 'Man, I've seen someone go afk, luckily the whole game developed in a direction so 3 out of 4 people can go afk without it making any difference to the success of the mission. Best Co-Op-game ever'
  11. At least it is advertised as Co-Op and not Sologame. I mean it used to be more Co-Op than it is now, with powercreep trivializing almost everything and rewarding sologameplay over co-op in most cases. Do you seriously not see the problem with one guy sitting in the middle nuking hydron by pressing one or two buttons for 20 rounds and then extracting while others sit by watching netflix? Is that quality content for you? Maybe they should put Idle Clicker as genre for Warframe so people are not misled into thinking this is a Co-Op game.
  12. ? This game has multiple options to utilize, but almost all of them are useless. Rushing with the biggest gun and/or a one-button-delete-everything frame is the prevalent modus operandi because this game does not reward approach to objectives but rather powercreep. Cool story that enemies can be mind controlled, too bad there are none because we have a saryn/volt/equinox/banshee/protea/xaku/mesa/guy with kuva bramma in our party deleting everything while watching netflix. Also, your analogy is kinda off. Imagine coming to McDonalds, seeing Scallop Risotto with asparagus with some pat
  13. Musou games live from huge areas with multiple thousands of enemies and multiple generals advancing themselves to hold chokepoints while others attack, join forces, defend and so on. Warframe offers way fewer enemies that can be deleted with one button, few large areas with basically no enemies and only manually launched objectives which are not even dynamic depending on shifting battlefield situations on top of many tube levels apart from the open worlds. Warframe just doesn't offer anything that can be found in Musou games, except for a few mindless enemies spawning one room away.
  14. I can agree on relics being the only actual coop rewarding mechanic in this game and MAYBE things like using shared currencies to access certain missions (orbs, granum void, those are all easy to get anyways, no need to team those) but even steel path is so so easy to solo and very efficient to farm essences solo, in many cases even more efficient because the enemy spawns don't spread out. The playstyle itself is not rewarding co-op, though. using certain nuke frames and weapons to clear multiple rooms at once does not need any other player, not even when farming relics. Other players are
  15. Of course it's a different game, I was giving an example of it being already used elsewhere. Take note that OW offers a similar game mode where you fight NPCs doing sub objectives across multiple rooms and areas. OW2 will focus even more on that aspect. I know that the chances are slim that this will ever be implemented, it is just one idea to improve on, IMHO, severely lacking aspects of this game. We can at least agree that an advertised co-op game that rewards solo play and punishes co-op is kind of weird and can definitely improve on that aspect, can we?
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