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  1. 1) In-game name: BanKai_DeMoN / Discord: Bankai_DeMoN#1504 2) Mastery Rank: 12 3) Region: U.S.A. 4) Type of Player: Ive been playing for a month and I'm really enjoying my time. Im not really a casual player I like to really get into games if i like them and always have as much fun as possible. I want to join a strong clan that can back me up on my quest to MR 25.
  2. IGN: BanKai_DeMoNMR: 12Hours: 250Discord : Hi I'm BanKai_DeMoN#1504Country: U.S.A Est CoastClan to join:QuasarsLanguage: English Who am I: I'm a Destiny Refugee That's finally playing a real looter shooter. It only took my over 2000 hrs to figure that out. I've been playing WarFrame for about a month. I Want to get into a community that can teach me more about the game and get my MR up while having run.
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