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  1. Ryth12

    Cliping out of map

    Ok so it just happened again (also while trying to execute thrall) in Ares, Mars. Fixed this time by jumping out of the map (wich funny enough did not make me "die") and using /unstuck while falling.
  2. So, this happened for the second time. First, in Puck, Uranus. I was in underwater archwing when during a melee strike, i was pulled out of the map and could not get back in, and only finished the mission because I managed to unbug it. This time, in Ares, Mars. I was going to execute a Lich thrall when I was teleported to the end of the mission, and could not complete it because i still had to use the data mass on the console to keep the mission going, so I had to abort the mission. Pliz fix 😞
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