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  1. What am i doing wrong? That's where i'm seeing it: https://rivenmarket.com/riven-mod/sellers/deth-machine-rifle Edit: looking at this image again, i see that those prices are from more than a month ago. The rivens came back as a simaris offering only a week ago, plus since its prime is now coming out, even the prices from 1 week would be outdated cause there will be more demand.
  2. Guess i'll have to check it later and hope that there are a lot of request to have a good idea on the price, cause for now there are no offers.
  3. I mean, it's not that bad for a seller, you would need to do some hard grinding until you get the right one. It can probably still sell by a fairly good amount, right? But still, guess that lowers the price by a lot, it must be 10× more sad for artax riven owners.
  4. Actually, i am the seller on this situation. I feel like if i don't manage to sell it now i might never be able to do it. It's console, so i can't just sell it for thousands and thousands, but don't wanna sell it for too little aswell.
  5. Wait, really? So anyone can easily get it now just by farming with him?
  6. I'm not keeping up with warframe as much as i used to, so they might have changed that, but last time i checked DE decided to remove all sentinel riven mods from future veiled rivens, raising their price considerably. Now that dethcube is gonna get primed, selling it will be much easier. I know no one can tell for sure the price of a riven, but do the veterans already have an average idea for its price? The question goes especially for ps4 veterans, since the price there is usually lower.
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