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  1. I used to think the same until i started using all my oxium on my solo dojo.
  2. How long do you usually stay to get to 500?
  3. What would be a good squad? I know you need nekros, but if i want a AOE frame i cant see the enemies getting too close of khoras cage.
  4. Whats so good about IO? I've been farming in neptune (galatea) and the most i could get was 160. (It was the recomended planet to farm based on a video)
  5. Now that we have nightwaves we dont have oxium alerts anymore. 300 oxium was a pretty big deal to me, now i can only get between 30 to 160 on specific parts of the map. Why hasnt people raised their voices? Is this kind of farm considered fun? I can take oxium coming from 1 enemy, i can take that the enemy can kill himself and not leave any loot, and i can almost take how overpriced vauban is, but dont take away things that were easier for older players, that will just give new ones a harder time for no reason.
  6. The game changed the new gear into the old limited gear. The new one still opens at the arsenalz letting me put as much items as i want, but during gameplay i can only use the old one. the emote gear is still infinite.
  7. That's the third day and it's still like that, let's just hope reporting it will work.
  8. Anyone got this problem aswell? I have the infinite wheel when it comes to emotes but i only have a limited set of slots for the gear one.
  9. Yeah what a let down, i did both without knowing it was a replacement and just wasted my time for nothing.
  10. Damn that patience of yours is on another level. At this point i would just say: "read the title".
  11. Granted, but all of the great games became console exclusives. I wish i was blind.
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