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  1. Thats what the OP said, if you had public enabled this wouldn't even be an option but if you set it to friends only then it would be.
  2. Yea, if you have access to Steel Path it makes it much more bearable and faster. And trust me, I don't really enjoy it that much either lol.
  3. Well one good tip is to at least do Simaris target first, then max the standing by scanning and after maxing out then return the target to Simaris; returning it after maxing it lets you gain more standing per day. And, Steel Path with invisibility frame (I found Octavia be the best for this as she is not as slow as Ivara) is the way to go, higher level enemies give much more when scanned.
  4. Atrocious? You can max 30k standing (MR29 so this is my cap) in under 10 minutes, usually even less.
  5. I actually had spent plat to some additional config slots for spy and rescue missions, now those configs are pretty much useless. I ain't gonna support this game by buying plat etc anymore until this is reverted, not that I have high hopes for that.
  6. When you used #1, #2, #3 and #4 I assumed you meant those exact abilities with each frame. I just need some clarification here, because if you meant by #1 and #2 two of the best abilities and with #3 and #4 as the lesser ones then yeah, that changes things.
  7. These look pretty cool. But, I refuse to support the game with money anymore until Wukong (Cloudwalker) and exalted weapons are fixed and properly balanced.
  8. Thats one definite replacement for sure for Inaros. But that does not change Inaros for me personally as I never feel like using his 2nd or 4th (I can slap Primed Sure Footed to exilus to negate staggers and have Arcane Grace and Guardian for immortality, these make this ability useless for me) either. So at best Inaros would be 2 ability frame for me and I usually aim to use frames that have at least 3 I will use.
  9. Have it ever crossed your mind that some frames 3rd or 4th is actually the weakest link? For example Wukong's 4th is easily the weakest of his kit and is something I'm gonna replace for sure. Same goes for Revenant, although 4th is nice trash mob clearer.
  10. Yea because having the ability to finish spy mission a bit faster is so damn broken. There are things way more broken in this game, and that would be a long list. I've come to the conclusion that someone at DE hates Wukong with a passion and wants to nerf every last good thing he has going for, which is unfortunate because his original rework was very good. Sigh.
  11. Have you ever tried Twirling Spire stance? I think its way more fun and varied than more popular Bleeding Willow or Shimmering Blight. If it wasn't for the Twirling Spire I wouldn't even use polearms tbh.
  12. Yea ok, that comment got me a bit confused for a second as Orthos P (among with many others which used to be mediocre) is really solid now and worth keeping.
  13. +1 This might not be an issue for people who play only few frames but myself who has full builds on lots of frames would really appreciate this.
  14. Thats because they stealth nerfed it. Until this update sprint speed mods worked on it, and you we're able to hold CTRL to move faster. Now that is completely gone.
  15. Yea I don't get this nerf honestly. This was a good fun method which mostly benefited solo play (because you would wait others in extract otherwise). Its actually so bad that its hardly worth using instead of regular bullet jumping. Wasn't the absolute demolition of his staff not enough?
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