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  1. This fixes the only lingering concern I had about everything Steve has been showing off, so I've gone from 90% hyped ("this looks sweet, so I'll deal with relearning") to 100% hyped. 😄 😄
  2. You should uh... learn how the game systems work, buckaroo.
  3. That's because she has a hidden additive damage increase as-is. From the wiki: Peacemaker has a built-in damage buff, increasing its base damage by 100% / 115% / 133% / 150%. This buff is affected by Ability Strength and stacks additively with Damage mods, such as Hornet Strike. Thus, if you have let's say 154% ability strength (Intensify + Augur Secrets), you have an extra 1.5 * 1.54 = 2.31 modifier in the formula - hilariously, like having a second Hornet Strike equipped. Going from +451% damage (Hornet Strike + 54% ability strength Mesa) to +616% damage (Hornet + Magnum + Peacemaker bonus) is only a gain of ~36.6%. That's why it feels so weak on her, and why it's pointless to use (and why Anemic Agility is so good on her, while we're discussing). Put it on your Catchmoon instead. 😛
  4. It's still based off of base HP, and it's not Corrosive Projection, the only aura that should be used in any content that isn't solo, so why bother?
  5. Man, and I thought "you must grind This Much unnecessary bullS#&$ to use a new convenience feature" was petty, but this? This is ridiculously, actively hostile towards your player base, makes Ion Hazzikostas look up and go "damn, y'all" petty. Who in the hell was clamoring for this change?
  6. This is a dumb and petty change on par with the "lol you must be MR10 for this basic game functionality" thing you did with auto-filling Aytans.
  7. So every gun I actually enjoy using took a dispo nerf. Neato. Crappy guns having great rivens doesn't make me want to use the crappy guns. Disposition is a dumb idea - it should be pinned roughly at the ~3 pip middle ground and left alone.
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