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  1. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    Because: A) that ruins the whole point of Umbra's passive B) More importantly, it also denies XP to the rest of Umbra's teammates, who have no control over there being an Umbra running around and killing everything C) As previously discussed the game already has sufficiently rigorous anti-AFK farming protections, so making this one instance of autonomy an active team detriment when every other method isn't is inane
  2. Short and sweet - I have a riven in my Lenz that drags the crit rate up over 200% (209%, specifically, it's wonderful). On every other frame I see nothing but blooms of orange and red crits, laughing hilariously at the absurdity of hundreds of thousands of damage. However, when I bring it on my Mirage Prime and pop Hall of Mirrors, I see a lot of yellow crits. Is there some sort of issue with Hall of Mirrors and crit levels above 100%? At 209% I'd expect to never see a yellow crit at all.
  3. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    Holy jesus christ, please read the words people are putting on the screen. KILLS. MADE. BY. PASSIVE-USING. UMBRA. DELETE. THE. AFFINITY. ALTOGETHER. NO. ONE. GETS. IT. IT. IS. COMPLETELY. REMOVED. FROM. EXISTENCE.
  4. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    An enemy being killed in a fashion where the affinity is not awarded is taking it away from the team, you insincere dolt.
  5. Or just make combined elements work on their component parts. Hell, make it do half damage if you feel like that's necessary for some inane balancing reason. Why the hell is an element composed of heat and electricity unable to beat a "do you have heat?" check?
  6. The problem with this is that archguns are, on the main, never going to be an "oh yeah" moment. More often they'll be an "oh god" moment, as in "oh god, I can't believe that my ability to contribute to the new content is being gated by the fact that I have no interest in trying to acquire multiple fraction-of-a-percent drops to make my archgun stronger than a spitwad I blew in second grade". Couple this with the fact that, overwhelmingly, archgun mods can only come from archwing content (reinforcing a negative feedback loop of "I feel so worthless and powerless in Archwing content, but to get stronger at Archwing content I have to farm Archwing content, where I feel worthless and powerless"), and this is blindsiding a lot of people who thought the fervor over "OMG AW GUNS ON GROUND!!!" was something about as interesting as the Conclave, because we thought "why would I use garbage like Imperator or whatever when I have Lenz or my Catchmoon kitgun or my Prisma Twin Gremlins... oh wait, now I'm being expected to with no forewarning. cool." Like, at the absolute minimum, if you were going to expect us to use archguns on this, you really needed to make archguns take regular ass rifle mods.
  7. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    You don't have to have good AI to murder everything in your eyesight range with a well modded Staticor you disingenuous troll. You still haven't cited how Umbra is any different from Duality Equinox, for example, either, but that would require you to be arguing in good faith, which I think you are physically incapable of.
  8. Kyrosiris

    Fortuna: Mesa Prime - Hotfix 24.2.2

    This is a dumb and petty change on par with the "lol you must be MR10 for this basic game functionality" thing you did with auto-filling Aytans.
  9. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    I have zero goddamned control over that, you absolute numpty. You still haven't provided any justification or proof of your claims, still are ignoring that I am having my gameplay experience diminished through no fault or action of my own, and still are sitting here stumping for a bug because every other "autonomous entity that can kill for you" mechanic doesn't work this way.
  10. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    I never thought I'd see "yes, it is cool and good that a player should be able to sabotage the gameplay experience of three other people simply by using a provided frame as intended to be used" stated unironically. Please A) cite where the hell DE actually said any of this nonsense you're spouting and B) explain why in the nine hells you think a player using Umbra with a high powered weapon should actively harm other people's gameplay experiences. I don't give a good god damn about Umbra's operator not getting Affinity. I very much care about the fact that something that should've taken a wave or two of EOS at most (getting one weapon up fifteen ranks) took five because an Umbra with Staticor was out-killing the two Volts in the group (because no one but me brought Corrosive Projection because most of this game's community hates basic mathematics).
  11. Kyrosiris

    Excalibur Umbra zero affinity discourages use of his passive

    Yeah, so this really needs to get fixed - I did an Elite Sanctuary Onslaught today to farm up the last half of the XP I needed for my Penta - it's level 15, so on a Trinity with only one weapon this should take a wave at most, right? Our group had an Umbra that sat in operator mode all run, while Umbra ran wild murdering everything with Staticor. It took five waves to get the XP for fifteen ranks on a weapon that was my only equipped weapon (meaning 75% of all ally kill XP went to it). I should not be punished because someone else is using Umbra. Even if you for some inane reason want Umbra's operator themselves to gain no affinity, they should NEVER be an active impediment to their party. Even Limbo is only annoying because the mechanics are obtuse and unexplained, and they can be worked around (other than the auras of those in the Rift not applying to enemies as they spawn, of course, which also needs to be fixed); I can do nothing about Umbra wiping out waves of enemies and me seeing zero benefit from it. Fix this ASAP.
  12. So every gun I actually enjoy using took a dispo nerf. Neato. Crappy guns having great rivens doesn't make me want to use the crappy guns. Disposition is a dumb idea - it should be pinned roughly at the ~3 pip middle ground and left alone.
  13. Kyrosiris

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.5

    But why? That just seems unnecessarily petty.
  14. Kyrosiris

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.3

    Boooooooo. This was fun as heck. Why you gotta take it from us? 😞
  15. Beyond just the undocumented gutjob nerf changes to how Arcane Victory works, it is also not triggering off of headshot kills with primary weapons or melee weapons.