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  1. SPEARGUNS PLZ! Kuva Javlok / Profit Ferrox / Scourge Prime (I know Prime doesn't count but bear with me) When thrown, they will immediately return to your hand upon hit. (If you miss and it goes down a cliff or something, 15 sec) A beacon of the speargun will remain where the thrown weapon was proc the thrown effect. Each of the thrown effects are now stronger, having a 100% chance to proc heat/electric for the Javlok/Ferrox while the Scourge head shot bubble now has no downtime. Javlok will leave a ground of burning fire where the explosion hit. When firing the spearguns while the thrown beacon is in effect, their trigger changes to channeled, firing a beam of pure Fire/Electric/Corrosive towards the enemy dealing AoE damage. DPS is roughly the same while this happens but with less range. However enemies under the effect of the thrown beacon guarantees critical hits and status procs. If you perform a finisher while holding a speargun, you can use the speargun to perform the finisher (shares motions from bo/polearm/gunblade) Has faster fire rate, DPS is roughly the same with the original or slightly higher. P.S An infested speargun variant would be great DE!
  2. What I mainly see in Inaros (Or what he lacks) is on his sand shadows and sandstorm. If used well, it could very much fulfill his fantasy of being a Immortal Egyptian Sand God. And since we got the Immortal(tank) and Egyptian(looks) done, we should focus more on the Sand. What I personally like about is his lore. On how he protected the people of Mars till he died. I think it would be great if we used that mechanic more towards his kit. Undying: Scaling this is a delicate matter. If done wrong, it would break him. I propose that it stays mostly as it is. BUT if there are enemies affected by his 1,2 or 4, Inaros will siphon more life from them allowing him to revive faster. Sandshadow(2): Instead of needing to drain an enemy completely, now Inaros may summon a sandshadow immediately at the cost of a portion of his health. Will follow you and constantly taunt enemies, and It will fight until it dies. It will summon the last enemy you devoured. (Will not work if you haven't devoured an enemy at all) Dmg is affected by Ability Power, duration is affected by Ability Duration, Taunt range is affected by Ability Range. Max count is 5. Sandstorm: Sandstorm will now consume health instead of energy. The lower health he has, sandstorm gain more range/speed/dmg reduction. Any allies who are inside sandstorm will share dmg reductions and armor buffs from Inaros. All allies(including Inaros) will share health/energy regains while inside sandstorm. Enemies who are within sandstorm range will be sucked to the center and immobilized in ragdoll state. releasing Sandstorm will throw them toward where Inaros is looking. Inaros CAN kill himself through this move. This is where we get to the lore. In lore, he used sandstorm to protect the whole planet from infestation until he died. So, I propose this as well. This way Inaros can now contribute to his teammates much more then just 'not dying'. Sandstorm will still be less useful when you play solo, but it will grant a lot of protection and synergies if you play as a squad. Sandshadows will be excellent meat shields as well as a source of dmg when you're trying to revive. Undying, if used with precaution, will now be much more reliable as long as you use your abilites frequently. I really like Inaros. He was the reason why I started Warframe in the first place. And because he is such an easy frame to become super OP, I think pulling a bit of a trade-off based on his lore would make him much more fun and interesting then he is now. Fulfilling his fantasy/lore and fun at once.
  3. Kuva Javlok sounds nice as well.
  4. I still wish DE would just let me take her talons on Melee only weapons. I mean it really is blur isn't it? It is neither an exalted weapon nor a stand alone melee weapon. Not to mention some of the animations are really weird. as she's always just smacking with her talons then slashing them. Even on animations that other claws do slash, she wacks.
  5. lol. But seriously DE. You should take a look at her.
  6. Yeah seems most of the weapons by powerscale, seems very balanced. Haven't found one that wasn't below 'viable' That said though, some of the stances do need some fixes. Since there are a few that are clunky as hell.
  7. Since we're talking about primes, can we get a refinements for the older prime models ? I'm not saying to change their designs, that would be terrible, but just refine their models since compared to newer ones, some of them start to show their age. So simple texture updates or such would be great. Especially on some skill animations and effects as well.
  8. Since we're on liches too, will there be Corpus/Infested equivalents for the lich system in the future? And will other grineer weapons have a possibility of getting a Kuva variant? Especially the ones that don't have a variant and is not so popular.
  9. I agree on this. The game doesn't have a nice narrative across the starchart. Especially since some of the story contradicts itself (such as Vor appearing again later) Not to mention we don't get any introduction to the corpus, grineer or any of the bosses. Why are we fighting? What are we fighting for? blah blah It would really be nice if we could get a revamp for the whole star chart so that it has a sense of story.
  10. For her 4th augment, I wouldn't mind having her old 4's animation reused for a different game play option. Garuda can now charge to have a number of talons swirl around her. (max charge on base frame shall consume 100 energy) Simply put, Instead of launching these talons, she will become a walking meat blender proccing bleed and stagger damage to enemies who come close. Also a talon will launch itself toward any targets Garuda is hitting and will proc the same effect as above.(bleed dmg based on current weapon dmg, will only fire when she dmgs someone) Every time an enemy gets affected, a talon will be consumed. Unlike the old version, she is free to do other actions while this skills is up. Pressing her 4 again will replenish the number of talons she'll have. While this effect is up, Garuda's Talon (The half-ass exhaulted melee) will gain additional 'base' crit chance, but her talons will consume 2 talons for every attack. (100% power will give 150% base crit chance bonus, blood rush will multiply this) Ability strength affects proc chance, number of maximum talons she can have and Garuda's Talon's crit bonus Ability Range affects range of talons that swirls around Garuda Ability Duration affects the length of bleed procs I always think augments shouldn't fix a skill, but either be something that changes ones playstyle. + This actually gives some better viability to those who wants to push her Talons' to be stronger as well. Giving it a true 'exhaulted weapon' feel.
  11. To be honest. on most items I'm okay with the Trade chat now. People don't clutter up the trade chat for prime parts, mods or specific weapons. BUT RIVENS DO. For the love of god DE make a seperate chat, or a bulletin board that works like riven.market so we could get all that riven SXit off of trade chat. Its already random anyway, and overpriced as hell anyway so it the 'economy will be broken' thing won't be happening. Just a make trading accessable for newbies. At least make the third parties easy to access for them so they don't get scammed. Is that so hard? One of my most bitter memories was being scammed. And I didn't even knew I was scammed until a few months later AFTER I got to know the game better. Shouldn't happen for anyone. Not when the game is already infamous for its notoriously horrible new player experience.
  12. I have read this thread and now see her talons clipping over her hands all the time while smacking enemies. IT CANNOT BE UNSEEN. But seriously, It stands out too strong and too often. even compared to other claw weapons. Hope DE fixes this or just gives her a whole new stance. Most likely when her Deluxe comes out? (Since they'll start looking into her a model again and what not)
  13. No objection there, his 4 is one of those rare skills that can contribute a little bit of everything on every situation. Do the enemies have too much armor? Strips armor Do the enemies deal too much damage? Blinds and applies radiation status for CC Are there a bunch enemies with low health? Deals fair amount of AoE damage A great skill really. Wish the augment added something new to the skill or changed it completely for a possible different play style.
  14. His reckoning augment can use some buffs to be honest. His 1,2,3 are all great but his 4 is really lacking. Not the only frame who is. DE should really consider an 'augment 2.0' sometime in the future for lacking augments.
  15. I don't know. Instead of the run of the mill 'damage reduction' why not introduce something more appropriate for her theme? 'Overhealth' : Whenever Garuda executes an enemy affected by Blood Altar with Dread mirror, the enemy dies instantly and Garuda gains health. This health can stack exponentially. On paper it looks op, but paired that she'll need her 3 to recharge her energy time to time, I think it might allow her to have an 'okay' amount of added survivability. Plus if she drips blood and leave bloodied footsteps while having 'Overhealth' it would be totally awesome. Of course, she would still need to have her shield fixed.
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