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  1. Shaburanigud

    New weapon idea Rifle/Halberd, maybe new class of weapon

    Well seeing that once we bring this weapon we will probably lose the option to bring another primary/melee, I think the current melee alone button & quick melee button would suit it just fine. I personally think this should eat up 2 slots of our weapons list.
  2. Shaburanigud

    PLEASE do this for Panthera!!!!!!

    If I have to ask for something of Panthera that does not involve numbers, it is to make the projectile more visible. I can barely see it. Not to mention the projectile animation completely disappears when it performs its punch through.
  3. Shaburanigud

    New melee weapon idea

    Can we just toss out ideas? I would like a Bayonet type of weapon. As in, when you're using this weapon as a primary/secondary and tap quick melee, instead of popping out your melee weapon, you perform it with the Bayonet weapon. Maybe this could be more of a feature, but I'd like a few weapons to get this treatment as well as become a category of its own.
  4. Shaburanigud

    New weapon idea Rifle/Halberd, maybe new class of weapon

    This, I think should rather be a primary then a melee weapon. I'm starting with this because the redeemer prime's unlimited ammo is kind of op right now, and I don't think another rifle should actually start replacing all of the primaries. Even if it needs a riven to do that. Therefore it will have its own ammo as a primary. And when a melee is not equipped one will be able to go full melee with this weapon equipped. The catch here is since the player is only changing ones stance, the holster time would be almost be none. Once it goes melee it will act fully as its own type of weapon. This means like a lot of exalted weapons, it will have a stance of its own. Or if we make a full category of this, a stance for the full category. Also it means you have to mod it separately. But the slots will always have the same polarities so one will have to think really wisely. On the upside, the primary part will earn additional capacity thanks to its melee counterpart. Also, even if you do bring a melee weapon, as long as you are using this and did not holster it, when tapping quick melee, the quick melee will not be activated by the melee you chose to bring but with this weapon. This is only limited when you are using it with your primary. If your holding your secondary then the quick melee will be performed by the melee weapon you chose to bring. I think this would make the weapon a lot more fun. And to be honest, this is a lot of ideas I had for the revamped spearguns, And even if they arn't on the end of recieving this, I think the concept would be quite interesting if we have a weapon category like this. We would even be able to introduce primary/secondaries with bayonets. Lets hope DE watches this and thinks about it.
  5. Shaburanigud

    Give a purpose to dual daggers

    To be honest, I think we'll just have to wait for melee 3.0. Even though i think it will take the whole 2019 for it to be fleshed out. I personally want more and better staff weapons and don't want them to be inferior/ingredients of polearms Not to mention there is only 1 warfan at the moment so, we need alot to fix. but we will have to wait (a long time). P.S I really do wish spearguns can be used as melee weapons as staffs.
  6. Shaburanigud

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    I think this is rather due to DE having too much on their plate in the first place. And even then They still keep on adding more and more. The list does not seem to get any shorter. Only longer Which brings more of these problems.
  7. Shaburanigud

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Oh no what I meant is I hope they don't try to make the sand shadow better by just giving us another augment mod. They shouldn't try to bandage a broken feature like that.
  8. Shaburanigud

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Actually if they die below the base 10 seconds, they always last 10 seconds. Which is really kind of useless because its too short. Not to say that sucking a single enemy for 3 min just to get a copy of him for 3 min without any significant power boost is also kind of stupid. (Assuming your doing it to get the sand shadow) Right now the sand shadow itself is quite worthless. I just hope they don't end up patching it by an augment mod given to Inaros' 2.
  9. Shaburanigud

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Which would be a great mechanic for sand shadows. Summoned for 10~15 seconds, find enemies and explodes dealing a % of its hp to the enemies and apply desecration as well.
  10. Sure, I'm really digging Atlas since it and Inaros was the reason why I started warframe.
  11. Shaburanigud

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Wait you're talking about Equinox's 1 augment right? Cause in Inaros' case, his sand shadows duration cannot be buffed in anyway. Its always the same. But yes I also agree I wish we could just put augments on some other slot. Exilus slot always seems so pointless with all the underwhelming mods it has.
  12. Shaburanigud

    Another Riven Progression Thread

    I think if they updated dispositions more often it wouldn't have gone this much bonkers in both price and power. If they just balanced it every 3 months with small tweaks here and there (nothing big and grand) alot of things might have been more stable.
  13. Shaburanigud

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    Yet there are several exilus mods that are not limited to mobility. I don't think it be too much if each utility mod got to be an exilus mod too. And for those that are not mobility related exilus mods are : Hacking , Opening locked lockers, loot tracker, elec dmg for every enemy melee dmg and etc.
  14. Shaburanigud

    Its past time we got a dedicated augment slot

    Which was the reason why I suggested only 1 exilus augment mod per frame since there is a case already. But yeah that would most likely render most exilus mods obsolete. Though I do think they're kind of lacking power anyway. They themselves may need a buff and new additions regardless of adding augments as exilus mods.
  15. Shaburanigud

    About Inaros' Sand Shadows

    We got a new 1 augment that allows us to summon more sand shadows. Problem is that those sand shadows only last for about 15 seconds. Not to mention you have to use a finisher to summon them and even then it happens with an RNG factor. At this point I really wish they would change the mechanic of sand shadows so they wouldn't follow the weird mechanic of lasting only the time they were sucked, but just last until they die. And please don't make that feature to a mod for Inaros' 2. IMO that would be just cruel. I mean I like the idea of being able to make mummies, but it really just is an idea if the skill based off it is so... useless.