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  1. Well the game is buggy as it is and you'll always get that one guy who uses all of the ephemeras and makes it impossible for others to play. You're looking at him right now.
  2. I think you forgot the word "Twin" That aside I also want a Kuva Javlok. Give some love to spearguns DE!
  3. I don't know. After the betrayal of the Lotus, the Tenno does seem to lack some....direction? I wouldn't mind if we're presented with a story arc where we can actually take sides to more peaceful factions of the Corpus or Grineer. It would be a great way to expand the lore. In the end we're just mercs. If the money pays up and doesn't go against our morales, I see no problem for us being hired. Especially if we're siding up with the more nicer factions. A.K.A Fortuna, Perrin Sequence, Steel Meridian and so on. Not to mention the syndicates desperately need more background and lo
  4. Huh this would actually go well. I mean we literally have prisoners hanging around on Corpus levels. It would be alot better if they would be added into our crew. Or maybe be added into the list of possible crews we can recruit. Maybe at a discount price? I'd love to have my Railjack be filled with fellow Fortuna members Maybe they'll start singing when they fight as well. Now I want a Fortuna Railjack skin.
  5. Would be a great expansion to Fortuna. After we kick out Ned and Eudico takes a seat on the board representing SU, we can act as her personal guard and take her there. Then we begin to go and win factions between the boards, protect Eudico from assassination or sabotage against the SU in general. Maybe do a few more side quests like that. Add the Perrin Sequence for more spice and cameos as well. Slowly learn more about the Corpus with the help from Parvos. Not to mention his ancient background will make a great intro to recruiting the Corpus against the fight on the Sentients in
  6. If we're talking rework, I think we would have to think about balancing him a bit as well. Inaros is strong without abilities, just giving him abilities is just a direct buff to an already powerful warframe. He is the 'Protector'. One of the first warframes that actually had a second title. I would like to have that part reflected. And as he sacrificed himself to protect others, it would be nice to see that reflected as well. 1: Stays the same. Also will be Inaros' main source of recovering health. 2: Curse & Devour & Sand shadow Become a tap ability wh
  7. Maybe just for rivens? I might be okay. Cuz trade chat littered with rivens is tiresome. Even with the filters, people find ways to wiggle past that. I wouldn't mind if we get a bulletin board where we put contacts and rivens stats, but we actually do have to still meet and trade. All in all, just someway to reduce that giant wall of riven text from trade chat.
  8. I know I shouldn't just copy and paste my post from another post, But I really like my idea of letting Hydroid fighting more like he did in his prime trailer. Hydroid - Release the Kraken(3) - Now an Exalted Pet you can summon. (Can be modded) - Targeting an enemy will allow the Kraken to charge toward that enemy and thrash it first - Targeting an area will allow the Kraken to reposition itself there. - If the Kraken is in a flooded room, it will gain extra ability range, ability strength and movement speed. Hydroid - Undertow(4) - Now instead of Hydroid submerging i
  9. I'm quite sure that we'll have to wait for melee 3.0 And yes we are still at melee 2.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 something according to the last devstream that mentioned melee.
  10. So will we be getting a Entrati melee weapon? Also any future plans on revamping the starchart so that we get a better introduciton to the world and factions? Locking away alot of lore behind events only makes the early game really frustrating and confusing. Especially if the only way to catch up is just reading a wall of text from the wiki.
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