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  1. As do I. An ending to a chapter is something that I deeply crave from this game.
  2. Hey it isn't the first time. Probably won't be the last time either. Come to think of it I think that's usually how DE responds to balance suggestions. Actually responding to balance suggestions seems to be the abnorm.
  3. This sounds like a great idea. I wouldn't mind if it also has an alt-fire that will use up the whole magazine and fire a shockwave of chosen element. Knocking down enemies with infinite punch-through Basically Fus-Ro-Dah for Chroma. Other than that I do think his 4 could get a look. While not as much as his 1, it is kind of underwhelming as well.
  4. I still want my final Orb Mother battle and a nice clean conclusion to Fortuna. Mostly through a giant space war where we kick out Nef anyo and Solaris actually becomes a major faction within the Corpus signifying that the Corpus in general can improve.
  5. I like all of these ideas. Especially the more spearguns. I would also like to ask DE when can we get certain weapons that enemies are using, but we aren't Like the Dual Kreska
  6. I literally meant the sandstorm lol. Making it cost health would add a nice risk to it justifying its power.
  7. For Devour I actually had an Idea a few months earlier and I would love to see it implemented. Curse & Devour & Sand shadow Become a tap ability where we could change from either Cursing an enemy, Devouring an enemy, or summoning a Sand shadow. Curse: By sacrificing 10% of Inaros' health enemies affected by his 1 will instantly be cursed and fall into quicksand. Enemies who are cursed will always be open to parazon finishers during the duration of quicksand. Devour: Inaros will summon a small heart by the cost of 50 energy. Allies can interact with th
  8. Like many have said before and many that will say later, I like the idea of using Inaros' giant health pool as a resource. It balances out his super tankiness with upgraded abilities to balance it out. That said, I think Dessication should be the one that costs energy and Sandstorm should be the one that costs health. Dessication should be the easy go to method for him to recover his health/resource in the battlefield. While Sandstorm should be his ultimate ability where he goes all in. Also may I add that his kit kinda seems....too strong? I like that the other name t
  9. For anyone who wants to skip ahead, I have a TL;DR on the bottom. With all the new updates I've been moving on through some of the new contents. And to my surprise, I came to find out almost all of the enemies are completely immune to "Viral procs". Rather then being angry for this, I just couldn't help but laugh to see how much OP viral is right now. Thus came to my attention, "Magnetic". IMO the biggest reason why Magnetic is so useless is because shield itself is kinda...weak. The shield gating helped us Tenno a ton but compared to the Corpus...Not so much. Not to men
  10. I was always against this Idea because I loved diversity and gimmicks. But gimmicks are fun when they are at least viable. Which currently isn't the case. If DE can't handle all 13, maybe it is the right thing to reduce the number of status types. Honestly If I have to ask, Corrosive procs against Grineers is the ideal level of effectiveness that all other elemental procs should be having as well. (Even if though I have to ignore Heats weird interaction that boosts it up to 10.5) Magnetic should really be more effective against Corpus. But the problem is Corpus is never real
  11. ooh Or even better, crouch on the shoulder of the Necramech.
  12. I just hope they rework the underwhelming abilities when this patch goes up. Whether or not it is a shared ability doesn't matter. The fact that you could replace it or should replace an ability only shows how much of a problem that ability is right now.
  13. I wouldn't mind a QoL augment for her 2 so once I have all my buffs up, I only need to gain 1 tribute of any kind to refresh all tributes.
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