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  1. Of course it is content. Not only new quests, frames, gamemodes, ect are content. Anything added to the game that can be interacted with during gameplay is content by definition... That includes cosmetics, like the Tennogen items. It might not be the content you (or the majority of players) were hoping for, but it does not change the fact that it is content, period. Also this is just a hotfix, and it does include playable content as in the new Bossfight. DE knows very well they are lacking major content releases at the moment. They even mentioned it in the update notes. They also said Railjack will come some time during this autumn... complaining should they mess up with that, fine for me. But everyone following the S#&$ty example of some youtubers, crying about no content all the time, is not helping at all. Now on the other hand, the new player experience is nothing i can really experience at my state of the game... IMO the problem isn't the lack of new content, but the lack of replayable content that entertains long enough without getting tedious or boring after a couple hours. The PvP is probably supposed to be something like that, but it is implemented horribly bad.
  2. No offense, but i saw you comment this or something similar under pretty much every update on the forums... That won't help DE or anyone playing this game in the slightest. Maybe try to contribute some ideas for new content instead of complaining. There are a lot of people that are quite happy about the new TennoGen round. Might not be your definition of content, but it is something. And rushing a company to pump out new products or game content never ends up with a polished result. Rather give them some more time to finish what they are working on, to make sure it isn't in a state like the PoE when they got released. Also, if that continuous commenting is just to get some likes, that's pretty pathetic...
  3. That's because (for what reason ever) the energy color of the this Syandana depends on the Warframe energy color. Change that and the syandana's energy will change accordingly.
  4. This problem persists across all the Jotunheim items. But specifically for the Oculus the secondary color does not do anything for me too. I feel like it should color the metallic accents, like with all other facial accessories instead.
  5. Not only the Prime body model gets displayed instead of the tennogen one, but also the helmets overlap with each other. Apparently this issue happens with all Prime frames (normal ones are fine) and only with complete tennogen skins. Meaning, that standalone helmets are fine. I think what is happening is, that the Prime model does unload and gets overlapped by the tennogen one. On some prime models it results in the skin not being visible at all. This can be seen by some helmet details sticking through, especially with the Ash Prime helmet: On a side note, i would definitely use this fused helmet, looks amazing!
  6. Can't tell if you are serious or not. Anyways, i think we can end this discussion here.
  7. Alright, but apparently your information does not seem to correspond with DE's disposition updates, so i feel like they still go with the older, easier way of adapting rivens.
  8. I am aware you were talking about the Stradavar. Pyrana and Tiberon are by no means weak weapons. I just explained why the strength of a weapon is not connected to riven disposition.
  9. The point of Rivens is to make lesser used weapons more used. Catchmoon is getting used a lot, so it gets nerfed. It started at 1.0 disposition like all new weapons. Also, should it keep getting nerfed to a 0.5 Disposition... Having a Riven with 3 positives w/o neg like you would result in 74.1 damage and 40.4, in the worst case (When getting the worst -10% stat roll). So don't worry ^^ DE never intended Plat being spend to buy rivens, so your reasoning does not make sense. Minimum is and will probably always stay at 0.5, i see no problem with that, since the maximum is 1.55. Although maybe it should be capped at 1.5, just to make some sense. (Insert more quotes of people complaining about their favourite weapon being nerfed via Riven Dispo) While i agree it sucks, that some weak weapons are getting nerfed that way, and also own a Pyrana and Tiberon Riven, it has to happen with the current way Rivens work. The more a weapon gets used, the lower its Disposition will get. Since Pyrana is one of the most used secondaries in the game it will keep getting Nerfed until people stop using it so much.
  10. Really? Again? There are other frames and lots of prime accessories that are vaulted since ages. And you chose Rhino and Nyx with EXACTLY the same accessory packs as last year. While Wukong prime access was amazing in therms of accessories the unvaulting is just highly disappointing.
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