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  1. so with the recent changes did this apply?
  2. Is it just me or does khoras whipclaw feel weaker? i know they recently changed melee but for me now it takes more hits than usual to kill a high level target. im using the augment for the ability aswell.
  3. i can relate to this. im using a conditions overload build on my orvius. also using a zakti which procs viral but for some reaon even though the base damage of the orvius has been buffed i still do less damage when i throw it. they ruined the flow of the weapon when u dual wield (secondary weapon + orvius) u cant throw the orvius to suspend them in the air. u need to switch to only the orvius to do it. it also is alot clunkier to use and more annoying and for some reason lose damage.
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