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  1. Can you guys fix this bug where Wukong just flies really fast across a whole tileset when attacking with his Iron Staff at really high attack speed? I was using berserker on it with hybrid status/crit build and there was a volt in our team and while I was murdering a horde of enemies I just suddenly flew towards the other side of the tileset (Hydron btw) and into a pipe. It was doing the slam attack but it instead made me flew up diagonally and just gets me stuck sometimes. It's really annoying when you're trying to kill enemies only to be thrown into the ceiling.
  2. Thanks for this. Was trying to solo extract once on a match but i kept getting knocked off the extraction point and was forced to stay for a lot more rounds when I shouldn't have.
  3. I found a few bugs, came here to report them: Inability to use abilities after being revived when downed at the same time when using transference. (This bug has been on even before the mask of the Revenant) The characters having a seizure when they appear on screen and talk (They move about 10 times faster in their idle/talk animation) Mission selection not disappearing when entering Orb Vallis if you enter a public bounty.
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