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  1. I just got my 4° lich sequential repeating the weapons like my first 4 kuva weapons( Kohm,Brakk,Shildeg,Karak). what is the point on this? doesn't make any sense I just got 8 kuva weapons there are 13 that is one of the most confuse update I ever saw DE doing. it is just frustrating and the lich trade system is a joke I'm pretty sure they can do something better that type of grind is the worst one...
  2. for me I got the first 8 kuva weapons normally and in the 9th,10th and 11th started to repeat my first 3 kuva weapons I got : Kohm,Brakk and Shildeg... I'm almost leaving this Lich stuff . right now it is just waste of time for me :/
  3. I got this error too frustrating... the lich is changed but the weapon is the same :/
  4. my first lich ''Kurbahb Vanemm'' used a Kuva Kohm. and now I just got a new lich my 9th ''Zy khudaimm'' he is using the same Kuva kohm is that a bug or something?
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