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  1. Got stuck as operator and unable to perform any actions other than walk\run animation while in-place without changing directions either. No AMP action, void mode, dash, dodge\roll, transference back... I guess it would normally be "solved" by either being forced back to warframe by damage or performing a emote, but since it happened at the end of an arbitration wave, neither was really an option. Also, /unstuck had no positive effect. How it happened: Was downed by a Lancer, revived by teammate, I used transference out to revive my kavat which was also downed, teammate was already reviving my kavat, I go in to assist and crouch for protection despite having Vazarin insta-revive (because habits), kavat springs back to life, I get stuck on the spot as operator. Could be related to starting a revive as client while the target is too close to being revived already? In any case, full EE.log is available on request.Here's a snippet of these events with IPs redacted for paranoid reasons.
  2. Since we got Braton Wraith and Lato Wraith back with Sanctuary Onslaught, any chance Arcane Helmets will make a comeback too?
  3. I use the "Slow" Mission Progress screen for several years, so there's nothing bound to "Quick Mission Progress". Thanks to your input I bound a key to QMP and can now switch wheels. Still, separate bindings feel like a must.
  4. Still can't dance or use any emotes
  5. Still unable to map the button to switch between Gearwheel and Emotewheel
  6. Hardcoded keybinds strike again 😧 My gearwheel is bound to Tab since forever, which now conflicts with the key to switch views between Gear and Emotes. That means I can no longer dance, LITERALLY UNPLAYABLE
  7. Are you guys ever doing a movember event again? So many new frames couldn't enjoy the epic goodness of mustaches
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