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  1. With this new update we have received 2 new items, kuva lich weapons and weapon exilus adapters, that have a big problem. They eat forma! These two new items, along with Aura forma have put a serious strain on the foundries ability to produce forma. It takes the better part of a week to produce enough forma to satisfy even one of these items. Considering this is the only NON-pay to win method of farming forma with any consistency, and isn't really a feasible way to make forma any more, pushes the game towards a pay to win format. Something needs to change potential solutions include: reduce the format costs of these items (Aura Froma, Weapon Exilus adapters, and Kuva Lich Weapons) down to about 2 each which is similar to normal Exilus Adapters, or make forma crafting time take about 6 hours. As it stands now the gameplay avenues of acquiring forma are insufficient for the current demand placed on players with this new update. The slogan of Warframe is "ninjas play for free", and if this continues that isn't going to be the case. The primary concern with this post is adequacy. DE admits that having a free path to premium content is important in this thread With the content that has been released, a trend is forming. With such a greatly increased demand for forma, and the fact the peoples ability to produce froma has not changed, means that the current methods of acquiring through free means are less effective. For example to max all 13 Kuva Lich Weapons (for mastery), and say building 4 Weapon Exilus adapter for your favorite weapons, requires 81 forma. This will take more than two and a half months to produce. During which your also not fixing your melee weapons that were broken by melee 3.0. Is our ability to produce forma adequate? Is it going to stay adequate?
  2. The gladiator mods set effect is not working. I tested it in simulacrum on my gram prime, first with bloodrush which could cause red crits. then I took off bloodrush and put on all the gladiator mods which should have the same effect, and couldn't do any more than yellow crit. this was a problem before the last hot fix outside of the simulacrum, and I assume it hasn't changed
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