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  1. What I've noticed this far from latest update:
    I play with certain visual effects turned off, like excessive light and particles, since I do not have GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER, or humor of DE. And all colors seem to have a tint of black added: on loading screen all ships now look the same: lifeless, cheap, generic, and I can clearly see all colors on palette choosing screen having a tint of black. It seems wrong? Or is it additional realism? Perhaps my visual settings are wrong to experience what DE intended for me to experience?
    But, I absolutely understand, and kinda appreciate the new metallic idea. Adds tiny bit of realism. After update my chosen color for accent looked plain yellow. Luckily I found another color that resembles gold enough on new material. Sadly it still looks kinda wrong, since I cannot figure out if material is correct enough and/or any of the available colors represent true gold.
    One major weirdness I noticed after the update is that lightning, like for e.g. Volt's #4, now looks like straight thin lines.
    And of course, none of the issues existing previously got fixed what so ever. Because sadly majority of WF's player base have masters degree in arts and demand cosmetic updates instead of logic.

  2. I wish to be able to solo farm toroids. Without dedicated party, without boosters, without dedicated ability, I've found 0 toroids in half a year. How is tenno supposed to progress if level up key item does not exist? Make it tradeable at least.

    Also in my wishlist:
    Auto skip cinematics.
    Removal of Strict NAT welcome message.
    Ability to skip NPC blabbering.
    Fast travel to Maroo in Maroo's Bazaar.
    Removal of that stupid screen blackening with red gibberish.
    Implementation of error messages. That actually explain what's wrong.
    Sprint always on, use toggle button to turn off sprint.
    One click combo activation: for e.g. a button to 5 -> ctrl+space -> 5.
    Removal of invisible energy nullifiers.

    I wish DE actually played WF as players do. World exploration is complete. I'm tired of grinding. Where can I have fun in this game? I'd like to feel "satisfied" after 1 hour of gaming; I'd like to say to myself: "This satisfied my hunger for gaming fun. Now I can move on with real life daily tasks with happy feeling." I know, I know... "this game is not for me".
    I guess this is why it is against the rules to talk about other games in region chat: DE fears all opposition.


    On 2019-07-10 at 12:09 AM, Stoi84 said:

    I may have been quiet recently, but be sure that things are moving in the background. With the help of two developers who are also Warframe players, @Kalbintion and @DarkLord7854, Warframe Builder is currently under modification and enhancement to prepare for a better future. Things just started, so don't expect the missing features to arrive soon, but be sure that work is on the rails and that the app, while I'm quiet, is still planned to be updated.

    How is UI overhaul planned?

  4. What @[DE]Glen fails to mention in his post is that restriction can also be applied at ISP level! For very specific security reasons. And in worst case, you cannot lift that restriction, unless you double your internet service fee. For WF? Hell no!
    I find it absolutely annoying to be greeted by that Strict NAT blah blah message on every damn logon! There's nothing I can do, since I have ISP level restriction. I can play WF fine. Maybe rarely there are players who have issues with me, but majority don't complain. Ofc I don't know what really causes the issues, since there aren't any error messages ever.

    Can we some beautiful day opt out from that super annoying, useless, greeting message?

  5. Was in Index. I carried 34 points. Host decided to leave after round. New round started with host migration and me as host. Ofc the game is not programmed to wait on players in critical missions, so I was dead. And for some reason the game refused to respawn me. But it still showed that I carry 34 points. Got to observer how last 2 remaining newbie players struggled to win the round. It's so nice that DE decided that WF is Open Beta Forever(™). Oh I know I know... host is at fault always.

  6. Quote

    For map or general bug reporting please use the appropriate bug forum...


    Subforum seems to be fully ignored by DE: 200 bug reports per day. The same bug reports several years. Zero response from DE. And so is Feedback subforum...
    DE may as well delete those subforums, as they only take up valuable server resources which could be donated away instead. No, not for QA, pfft, who needs that.
    BUT, if there's a post at Reddit, it will be addressed asap. Btw, anyone know from where did DE pick those players who helped fix Ropalololyst mission?

    Absolutely no idea what actually is in DE's to-do list, what cannot be fixed, why, what issues have they even acknowledged, etc.
    This is my experience with them this far.

  7. This is community forum. DE only takes "announcer" part in it. You have issues, open support ticked. Prepare required evidence of the problem first (preferably make a public playlist at YouTube named "Unfixed issues in Warframe", and add a date and time to video titles).
    If you want to raise awareness, post the issue at Reddit.

  8. But DE, when will you fix wrong ability UI icons being displayed at bottom right for Equinox's day/night form?
    It's been 2 months now. Where do I send the complaint? Obviously forum is not the place, may as well lock all threads and delete bug reporting subforum. Useless...

    Also DE, how about you remove that stupid Jupiter's death map you added to SO? It's ridiculous murder mechanisms murder every 10 meters, absolutely unsuitable for leveling up stuff. I wish you actually ever even played your game as we do.

  9. On 2019-05-10 at 5:54 PM, [DE]Bear said:

    'With Clanmates / Friends' Act requirements have been removed completely

    Finally DE came to senses and understood that we have none of that.


    On 2019-05-10 at 5:54 PM, [DE]Bear said:

    Deploy an Air Support Charge in a mission

    But DE still doesn't understand that air support requires bug fixing and rework...
    Like Carpet Bombs crashing around the player, each dealing 25 damage., really? Words hurt worse that that.

  10. On 2019-04-28 at 1:04 PM, Twisted_Intent said:

    In Warframe Builder, when i move Strain Eruption https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Strain_Eruption or Strain Fever https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Strain_Fever onto Helminth Charger build http://warframe-builder.com/Sentinels/Builder/Helminth_Charger, I am unable to pull any other mods from the list of available mods onto the build after this...

    Yeah, these cards have "undefined" variable which is not exception handled so the script is terminated and you have to reload.

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