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  1. What do you mean by no hotfixes? There's still so much to fix! Would have been a lot easier if you had QA. Don't say we will be again left with several dozens of fatal bugs, which will be present for many years, strongly ignored by all DE staff; "no such bugs ever reported, stop spreading lies".
  2. When joining a RJ mission while hosts ship has electricity hazard, which applies annoying shock visual effect to UI, the shock effect will persist permanently until client returns to dojo/orbiter. When entering a big enemy mission ship, the minimap gets removed from the UI. It always happens. I have map as overlay by default.
  3. BTW, I thought I was seeing things, but no! This bug is also present outside RJ! I was leveling my stuff, after finishing mission, the summary screen shows one thing, but the end result is other! I think the UI is bugged and shows incorrect affinity gains. OR MAYBE affinity bonus do not registered correctly at server side, I dunno.
  4. Did any of you, or notice any other squad member summoning a mechwalker in mission?
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Finishing RJ mission will lock whole squad in end mission summary screen when a mechwalker was summoned. REPRODUCTION: Summon a mechwalker in RJ mission. But not quite sure who has to summon and where. Maybe it doesn't matter. EXPECTED RESULT: After summary table has loaded, ESC or Exit button to close the summary table. OBSERVED RESULT: Whole squad got stuck on mission end/summary screen with no exit besides ALT+F4, happily losing almost all RJ progress. REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems to happen always when somebody summons a mechwalker.
  6. I start a relic mission. Since I can't choose to be host, I'm joined with somebody. Load in mission. Host leaves because nobody has Octavia relic. Hosts who do it like this should be permabanned from WF. Also why aren't we still able chose to either host or join? WHY? If you are never going to have servers, then you should at least make mission hosting as pleasant as possible and definitely not abandon it in pre-alpha hell state. Also, when will Saryn finally get nerfed? It's the only frame that's actually powerful in this game. All the rest got nerfed into generic infantry, but not sar
  7. The wings lack any and all anti-clipping. And they don't look fluffy enough. Also how about categorizing wings as syndana instead of ephemera? Then players could actually have wings, that do not waste your time by making you try find a syndana that doesn't look ugly with it and you could then have visually pleasing ephemera too! Ofc then you would have to sacrifice the ability of equipping wings on operator.
  8. Why doesn't "duplicate protection" apply for emblem, sigil, scrawl, ephemera, emissary set, wolf howl or shoulder guard? I already have them! Also, why do I have 6 Stalker Sigils which don't even stack and I can't even sell them!?
  9. I always wondered, why exactly are exalted melee weapons denied from using Acolyte mods. Without which they are rather weak comparing to non exalted melee. And why aren't exalted melee even buffed to compensate the restriction and to be on par with non exalted melee? Is it really just because they can be used in missions with weapon restrictions, the only reason which has to be followed very strictly? I really don't see anyone praising this argument, but I do see players being disappointed in weak exalted melee.
  10. Please, no more poorly rewarding spawns at short intervals of homing enemies with absurd immortality gimmick which isn't affected by blast damage or explosions... So tired of cursing...
  11. Dear DE, here's a question: Why can't exalted melee weapons equip all mods that can be equipped on melee? Like Weeping Wounds? WHY are exalted weapons so heavily handicapped? Exalted melee weapons are almost useless!
  12. There are lots of tools which can decode stored data, "security reasons" is absolutely irrelevant here. Also people who play at public places should know the risks quite well. There is no reason, why WF shouldn't have ability to remember password and autologin immediately. It would be very helpful in case of constant hard locking bugs or after annoying updates.
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