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  1. Wild Velocipods that are idling inside river will fall through the ground when shot with tranquilizer.
  2. We are in need of Blank Arch-Gun.
  3. There's a fatal bug with the Deimos fishin spears. Happened twice within 1h of fishing. It involves using spear to attack an enemy, I got locked out from controlling my character. Only ESC button worked. Only way to reset, is by getting killed. First time there was nobody to kill me, so I lost 30m of progress due to this fatal script error. DE, since this game is riddled with many, way too many game breaking script bugs/features, how about introducing a new chat command? An unlimited use per mission command that would reset almost everything related to your warframe and purge (bad) data f
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Tranquilizer cannot shoot velocipods under the water. REPRODUCTION: Random. EXPECTED RESULT: Either tranq gun darts penetrate liquid or velocipods not spawning into the liquid, or having better movement AI. OBSERVED RESULT: 3 velocipod spawn point is in the river. I could not tranq any of them since darts cannot penetrate river liquid. I could kill them with other weapon. REPRODUCTION RATE: 30% chance? Not sure. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Cannot spear fish which swim in the ground, outside liquid body boundaries. REPRODU
  5. It's like this: you cast an ability while Bramma's ammo is 0, and then there's a chance Bramma will forget that it can reload. But what's worse: you cannot cast any abilities, until you recast that ability which you cast while Bramma wanted to reload.
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