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  1. Looking it at closer and I am seeing no effects, standing or moving. Is yours still showing effects as of the latest update?
  2. Why the change? Shouldn't they appear at all times?
  3. It seems that in a recent update the effects on the Vitus Emblem have been removed, I hope this was an unintended change because the effects on it were the only reason I purchased it.
  4. I agree with this! Let us floof our Dojos!
  5. As title states, the roller floof and all variants are unable to be donated to the Clan Dojo via the Vault. I hope this is an oversight and not intended, as me and my clan mates wanted nothing more than a few rounds of kickball in the Inspiration Hall.
  6. Can we get a copy of this gun for use after the event ends? I love the pump mechanic! Also I hope we will be able to start treading in water without instantly being teleported to the nearest plot of land.
  7. Encountering a bug with Wukong's Iron Staff ability, locking it into one swinging animation and effectively making it unable to preform combos. I believe this is caused by the use of Guardian Diversion mod.
  8. As it stands for me and many players, using an augment mod cuts on crucial stats to keep us alive and optimized. Due to this, most augment mods are just not used and the few that are, are either overly crucial to a build or just slightly worth the hit to stats. I was wondering if there are any plans to completely rework the augment system? Perhaps adding a mod slot similar to exilus mod slot, and prehaps reducing or negating the cost of augment mods while also limiting them solely to that mod spot?
  9. Simple post, but this gun is broken against the Profit Taker's shield phases. No matter what quill you select, it will not affect the corresponding or any other of her weaknesses.
  10. Sweet, now we wait. Thanks for finding this!
  11. The Noggles just aren't the same as the ornament for me. I hope they add in an Emissary Ornament soon.
  12. During the first ever Nightwave not long ago, one of the options players were able to purchase with the earned currency was an ornament specific to it. Upon seeing this item in the cred shop I instantly purchased, with the idea of purchasing all future Nightwave ornaments for marking my involvement and showing off in my ship. With the recent release of the newest Nightwave, I see no ornament in the shop. I was wondering if this is intentional or an oversight. If there are no current plans to add an Emissary Ornament, would you consider adding one to the cred shop before it ends? Picture of mentioned ornament:
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