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  1. Thanks for the fix. Just wondering when the visual glitch involving Hyldyn appearing to hold her archgun after a host migration will be fixed. XD
  2. Visual glitch with Hildryn sometimes permanently holding the archgun even if you didn´t use it.
  3. Thanks for the hotfix. But can we get the Akvasto Prime recoil fixed BEFORE Mesa Prime arrive? That´d be great.
  4. Still no fix for the Akvasto Prime recoil... sigh.
  5. Still waiting for the damn recoil fix on the Akvasto Prime.
  6. This fix was much needded, thanks. Keep up the good work, guys.
  7. @[DE]Megan Thanks a LOT for akvasto prime, but we need a fix for the archwing asap. =)
  8. Nope. Until they are maxed out on Solaris United ranks, people will always do bounties, if only to get those pesky bonds to rank up. And when DO max it out, they will STILL want bonds to get the decorations.
  9. Good for you, because the vast majority of us HATED it. Archwing was perfect and didn´t need any changes whatsoever. We can´t roll anymore, how boring that is? Oh and boost is gone. Lame. We didn´t want the archwing to be "easy" we want it to be EPIC. Now it´s just... meh. But I still think it´s a bug, especially since there was no mention of it in the patch notes. DE wouldn´t screw us over THAT bad. And over something that was perfectly functional to begin with.
  10. The archwing is AWFUL after this hotfix. It´s way slower and we can´t roll anymore, wtf. That lateral movement is akward and totally unnecessary. The old archwing flight model was way, WAY better. Please, DE, revert this change.
  11. Did you guys nerf the archwing? Boost seems to have been nerfed and now the arching feels so sluggish. We also can´t roll anymore? Really? I find that lateral movement unnecessary, but hey, it´s good to have options. But at least give us the option to roll. All in all, those changes were uncalled for and make the archwing WAY less fun to use.
  12. The fixes are good and welcome, but I´d trade the reduced dificulty in the Orb Valis missions for an increase in TOROIDS drop rate in a heartbeat. The current drop rate is NUTS.
  13. This hotfix broke the grind on the k-drive. It stops for no reason now, making you fail the trick and lose the combo. Not even the toggle can help.
  14. I got some weird encrypted text INGAME too. Anyone have a lead on this?
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