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  1. Sorry but you´re incorrect. You absolutely can use a lure. If it doesn´t show on your inventory after you capture it, it´s a bug. Happened to me a couple times. Just do it again untill it works. It will be hot fixed soon, I believe.
  2. I think I´ll just get back to playing Titanfall 2 and wait until DE fixes this thing. Hopefully next week.
  3. Nah, I´ll get rid of Mesa´s 1 and put Roar instead. 😃
  4. Basically spending money to skip tedious gameplay. No wonder they´re making so much money and delivering less and less content, in both quantity and quality. This game is going down a dangerous path.
  5. Well, if that´s the case, it ain´t working, at least for me. I used to buy plat on a regular basis, because I liked the game and wanted to show some support. Now that I feel strong armed to buy plat, I´m like, screw that. Been almost a year since I last bought any plat. Also been on and off for periods of time. I just feel put off by all the innecessary grind
  6. lol good luck with that. Getting coins is not the problem. You can easily do the voids without them, as long as someone else in the group opens the portal. The freaking drop chance is bugged, I think. I finally got ONE part after 250+ runs. But honestly, I don´t even care about her anymore. It´s one of those cases of "hey, a new frame. I´ll farm it and check her out". But as we know more about her kit, it doesn´t seem that interesting to play. For me, it´s gonna be one of those frames that you never play after you fully forma.
  7. I´ve done over 80 Granum Void runs, got parts to craft each weapons over 20 times, got several capturas and armor attachments but not a SINGLE Protea part has dropped. Is this working as intended? It doesn´t seem like 11% drop rate. I´m on my second day farming for this thing and will probably come empty handed again. I took a break from the game after the railjack disapointment and just got back. Seriously, this grind is not exactly convincing me to stick around.
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