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  1. Come on, now. The rest of the game has some bugs here and there, but nothing too bad. But the railjack content is nigh unplayable due to the massive amount of bugs and glitches.
  2. Ok, we all know railjack is one buggy mess at the moment. I haven´t had a SINGLE mission without a bug or a glitch. Some are reall game breakers. It´s so painful to play for 20 or 30 minutes and get rewarded with nothing just because of a bug. Until railjack gets all its bugs smashed, material rewards should be like intrinsics: no matter if you fail or if you abort, you get the goodies. Right now I don´t feel like playing railjack at all, cause it´s been a waste of my time, being screwed by bugs, host migrations that leads to other bugs and so on and so forth.
  3. Honestly DE, revert the archwing nerfs. Old flight system was WAY better. and fun to fly, we could roll and it was way faster than it is now. Oh, and the blink CD is bs.
  4. I wish DE revert this archwing changes for good. Archwing was fine as it was. It was fast, we could roll, it was way more fun to use. If they wanna give Itzal´s blink to ALL other archwings, I´m fine with it. But the CD is a BIG no-no. Revert the changes, make archwing fast again and let us roll the way we used to. THEN you can go ahead and give the blink to all the other archwings.
  5. Damn, archwing is boring af now. No more roll, speed has also been nerfed, it seems. Just a bad change, overall. Oh, and Titania razorwing is also S#&$ now, too.
  6. The thing is basically a JETPACK. So, you can[t expect much maneuverability out of it. But at least it FELT right. Now it feels generic and sluggish. Just like space archwing missions. They should have replaced space archwing flight system with the one used in the open world, not the other way around.
  7. I think we should be able to choose which system to use. The archwing is much slower and dumbed down, now. I used to feel like the thing was going really fast, zipping around the map, rolling and suff. Now it´s just... meh. I can´t understand DE´s fixation on making the archwing LESS fun to use.
  8. I´m excited for the railjack content, sure, but the changes to archwing are just awful. I´m all for giving a blink to all the archwings, but why change the flight model? Archwing was fast and fun to fly before, we could roll and it was a joy to use. Now it´s pretty much like space archwing flight model and that just SUCKS. Plus, I´m pretty sure it´s slower now, too. Please, DE, revert the changes to archwing flight model. You tried to implement this before and we didn´t like it then. Why would we like it now? What do you guys think?
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