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  1. hyperblaster

    Coming Soon: Devstream #74!

    I have two questions / suggestions for the lobby interface. For archwing missions, can we show the archwing loadout in the mission lobby? No need to do anything for submersible missions. Could we have icons next to weapons or frames in the mission lobby showing reactor/catalyst and number of forma? Not asterisks for forma, unique icons for each forma level would be nice. Players really want to show off their progress. It would also be really nice to see what others are bringing to the team when setting up pickup groups. We don't want another conclave rating in PVE situation.
  2. hyperblaster

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #55!

    Disney Day sounds awesome! A short parade with the best costumes? Maybe pictures?
  3. hyperblaster

    Crashes On Amd Catalyst 14.12 Omega, Update

    I have Catalyst driver version 15.3 beta, and Directx10/11 is disabled. Which driver version should I install?
  4. hyperblaster

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #50!

    Congrats on getting to 50 Devstreams! Everyone looks great. Scott looks like he lost a bunch of weight \o/ Love the new Devstream nook! Much cosier and much better chemistry between everyone when the team sits closer together. Don't be shy about getting close to each other. You actually have enough room to fit a 6th dev in there now. You could add a third coffee table so Scott has a spot for his beer. Maybe lose the laptop and use an iPad for the prize picker? It would be amazing to have a match-3 game on the Nexus app which lets us farm for resources. Another idea would be a mobile game that lets us shorten manufacturing duration (not as much as using plat to rush, but giving players something to do to speed up a long build).
  5. hyperblaster

    Coming Soon: Devstream 50!

    1. Why are pet ability mods still in the drop table? Any mods that we get when crafting the kubrow or sentinel should be made an innate ability tied to level just like warframes. The sentinels even use orokin reactors just like warframes; so why should their abilities work differently? 2. Stances for arch melee weapons.
  6. hyperblaster

    Hotfix 15.3.1

    As I understand it, "Optimizing the download cache" just defragments the files. Since I run warframe off an SSD, this is useless and should have no effect on load times. Further, defragmenting files adds a lot of redundant read-write activity that may reduce the life of an SSD. Please make this an optional setting.
  7. hyperblaster

    Warframe Ability Mods: Coming Changes

    This problem of removing mods equitably is much easier. Treat the list of existing polarities as a string read left to right just like in pvp mod activation, with x as the empty polarity. e.g. =vxx==dxx= Replace all = with x. Refund 4 - (replacements made) forma. With this method, no polarized slots get touched. Players who used forma can already move slots around however they like.
  8. Thanks for the tutorial! I'd love to watch more mini youtube snippets from the various teams - Programmers, Concept artists, writers, sound artists, level designers, animators, lighting experts, helpdesk and even your executive chef team.
  9. hyperblaster

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    Angstrum ammo is 21? So you can empty all the ammo in 4-5 charged shots. Also, need clarification whether each ammo pickup will restore +20 ammo on heavy weapons.
  10. hyperblaster

    Psa: Weapon Changes (Sniper Rifles & Launchers)

    What about the Miter? It deserves the the same treatment as the sniper rifles.
  11. hyperblaster

    Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra

    Got stuck in a door while running a T1 Survival last night. Probably related to the changes above.
  12. hyperblaster

    Coming Soon: Devstream #27

    * Separate leaderboard for solo mission runs. Solo runs are far more difficult, with little room for mistakes since there is no one to revive you. * Less frequent leaderboard wipes. Weekly is too short. It gives players too little time to brag about their leaderboard score. I'd like to see rivalry between carefully crafted teams that try to beat each others scores. Or how about wiping the leaderboards after every major update? Patches that make major changes could also come with wipes. * Leaderboards on warframe.com. This will let the community use social media to brag about their warframe exploits.
  13. hyperblaster

    Warframe Builder

    Some other sites e.g. the warframe subreddit bans link shorteners. There is no point encoding the entire text link with base64. Instead, serialize the build data object with pickle, and use base64 on that. That will yield an url many times shorter.
  14. hyperblaster

    Warframe Builder

    Love the software, but not a fan of the terribly long links. Have you considered using base64 for encoding the builds in the url instead? e.g.something like https://docs.python.org/dev/library/base64.html#base64.urlsafe_b64encode
  15. hyperblaster

    Frost Revisited 3/3/2014

    Every frame should have one power that is not affected by or otherwise scales with enemy level. The old snow globe was actually pretty good. There wasn't any reason to change it. However, if DE thinks it was overpowered, why not limit us to one snowglobe at a time? This would mean the frost would have to be extra careful about recasting; no more overlapping timers with double globes. Snow globe is useless for high level level enemies right now. This will continue to be the case as long as it has a finite health.