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  1. Yeah I'm not gonna use profanity again in region. But still my question is what's the point of the profanity filter??????? And everyone just bypasses that rule anyway by using zz's or ** anyway lol
  2. If they have their "shat" filter on they wouldn't smell or see it. If they went and manually turned it off that means they dont mind the smell of "shat"
  3. So I said the word "A******" in region chat. Not to someone or about someone in the chat but just what I was talking about. And all of a sudden no more chat. Seriously? What's the point of having a profanity filter turned off or on if you're just going to boot people for saying it no matter what? And COME, ON!!! who are u catering too here, if someone has a problem with swear words shouldn't they leave profanity filter on? Which it is be default. So if you go into your settings and turn it off, wouldn't that mean you dont care. So y'all lost me on this one. Trash
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