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  1. Not sure if it's something worth addressing or if it's just a balanced weakness, but her reliance on her huge shields balanced by her tiny health pool make her extremely vulnerable to toxin damage, to the point that it's almost silly.
  2. This ability doesn't seem to actually do squat against armor. If that's intended, she's going to be very underwhelming.
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    Somethin screwy's goin on with the Artemis Bow's status chance. I think it's calculating status chance based on 7 projectiles hitting? But that seems a strange way of looking at it. Wiki info Builder
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    Explosion Radius and Expansion Speed of Mag's Polarize differ from the wiki. 14m and 7.5m/s vs Wiki's 8m and 5.9m/s. Exalted Weapons are found in the Weapons section - Dex Pixia in Secondary Weapons and Diwata in Melee Weapons.
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