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  1. You can get the 60/60 series of mods from spy missions tier one spy missions do the fire and cold melee ones and tier two does rime rounds and shattering inferno which can be useful. If your felling up to it gear wise tier three spy missions start on Uranus and drop some more of them. The drop chances are high as well between 10-5% for gold mods. You can also get other non 60/60 status mods from spy missions
  2. They also said non of the numbers were final and that it was a storm clan they were playing in
  3. Watch the dev stream and you'll see that copernics from the asteroids in the railjack missions.
  4. There is a recall teleporter thing there adding but I think railjacks are significantly faster than an archwing judging by the play through last Dev stream
  5. They required 100 -120 of each and the resources are going to be obtainable by using your railjack so there is an alternate way to get them
  6. To make fishing easier get the Oxylus sentinel it highlights fish in the water making them easy to see as well as adding hotspot markers to the map so you can find them with ease
  7. I'm fairly certain all story quests are solo only which is why there lower level so I'd assume anything that's story use the railjack will be solo only but will probably come after AI crews.
  8. There planing on doing a special stream in January and they did suggest something else was planned but no details
  9. Only one railjack is needed per squad of players thats how DE plans on less established players enjoying the content
  10. The railjack is specifically stated to be orokin technology used to fight the sentients.
  11. There is no evidence that they tried to mass produce warframes the orokins mass produced soldiers were the dax warframes were built in response to the sentients and there isn't evidence that there were very many made. The queens "brain drilling" as you call it was a common orokin practice of the elites to escape there aging bodies into newer ones. The elder queen wanted a tenno body because of our level of power not because it was a usual practice. As for soldiers of the orokin the evidence suggests that they were made up of Dax and grineer. The people in the pods could be anyone or just cloned bodies as it has not been specifically addressed in the lore there is no correct answer. The thing in the pod on the railjack that you can see if you adjust the graphic settings might not be lore related and could be a technical object or limitation or it could be a story element meant to spark question or it could be something were not supposed to know is there yet.
  12. I don't think there's millions of tenno I'm fairly certain its under a thousand. All of the zaraman children were on lua and there is no evidence that anymore were made at all. On top of that I don't really get your point the orokin were not trying to make tenno they were terrified of them whatever they had been trying to do it clearly didn't work and the tenno are the by product.
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