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  1. I'm enjoying some of the new stuff and other new things are just perplexing. I do not understand why DE thought that regular endless missions belong in railjack it makes the game mode feel like taxi simulator 101 and isn't fun to play. I think the Extermination missions could be good with some tweaking add some fighter kills to the objectives and let me kill the captain of the capital ship and that could be great. Volatile missions are really fun and I think quiet well done, there how railjack should play if you want a mix of ground and space fighting. The switch from avionics to mods is somet
  2. The shamrock pallet comes on saint patricks day which is march 17 and the dex stuff also comes in march usually towards the end but not always.
  3. It could be a bit of both, but the context it was reveled in was that of sevagoths quest. It could be that the quest is the vessel for introducing the void storm mechanic.
  4. Yes it a piece of concept art used as a teaser in the dev stream for sevagoths quest
  5. Sevagoths acquisition quest was teased to have a flying dutchman theme during the last dev stream. The flying dutchman being the famed ghost ship said to have never been able to make it to port and to be doomed to sail the sea for eternity.
  6. It's literally only been two updates since they last touched up, Ash, Atlas, Chroma, Khora, Nekros, Nidus, and Zephyr. It's unlikely that they've even finished figuring out whose getting the next touch up and how. Additionally one of those update was literally just nightwave going on intermission, I wouldn't expect anything until after update 30 and zephyrs touch up but I doubt it's forgotten just not priority one right now.
  7. If your worried about a memory leak warframe does contain a stress test you could try. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Stress_Test
  8. His four has 3 unique abilities the first of which pulls enemies in. The other two are a dash attack that heals the wraith and proc rad and a AOE (I think the wording isn't clear) that procs the same as Sevagoths default 1
  9. I just checked they removed the need for the paracesis in update 27.2 so that's my mistake.
  10. Quests unlocked by mastery rank MR3 Natah and the second dream MR4 The deadlock protocol MR5 Sands of Inaros and the war within MR7 The silver grove There are also some quests incidentally unlocked by mastery rank because there locked behind something else For instance The glast gambit requires the War within so it effectively has a MR requirement of 5. The highest MR requirement for a quest I can think of at the moment is 10 as erra is locked behind the paracesis which can only be crafted at MR10 meaning that any quest further in the new war line is going to have a MR
  11. Munitions Vortex, Void hole is a useful combination. You can clump fighters with void hole then use munitions vortex on them which is essentially nova's antimatter drop. If you can clear Gian point that's a good place to farm as it's only crew ships and fighters
  12. I think the deceleration in aging had to do with the pods that the tenno were in while dreaming rather than the void as Palladino and the lotus speak about him not having access to the cryosleep that preserved the other tenno. Lotus: Is that where Rell is? Has the Veil preserved him in cryosleep as the other Tenno were on Lua? Palladino: No. We didn't have that option.
  13. Rell died from old age (more accurately he was dying of old age so he put himself in a transference loop) and since the only applicable difference between Rell and the other tenno was the statis pod I think it can be inferred that tenno do age without technological intervention. The rell we meet and "kill" is the transference echo of rell rather than the original according to the chains of harrow.
  14. Go into recruiting and invite people to join you that way you'll be host.
  15. .No it's literally part of the new war arc that's how it's classified. Like it or lump it that doesn't change the fact that it's categorized as part of the new war arc.
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