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  1. If your having problems with bugs I'd post about them on the switches bug forum. https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1197-nintendo-switch-bugs/
  2. The deimos arcana update had multiple patches for railjack bundled into it, it's not unthinkable that one of those fixes caused the problems your dealing with perhaps you should report a bug.
  3. Is it perhaps showing the damage per pellet in game whilst the wiki is showing the combined damage from all pellets.
  4. I hate to disappoint you but railjack is slated to be the focus of the next update so I don't think it can be called forgotten.
  5. We already have a Lotus Ephemera it was a tennocon drop in 2019 and barro stocks it now.
  6. Yes I think so they accidentally had them show in the codex during a prior update and I believe they were shown during the artist panel rather than the tennocon stream itself.
  7. Isn't the strain of infestation on deimos a different strain of the infestation, so Kavat's could be immune to the helminth, mutualist, and eris strains but not immune to the deimos strain which I think is called the grey strain.
  8. Debt bonds can be purchased directly from Ticker the shop that sits above Biz now there really should be some way of finding that out in game other than noticing the mini map symbol or the fast travel page.
  9. I don't think so, since only the first enemy damage gets a status effect the others just get damage. I could be wrong it might be a case to test it in the simluacrum
  10. I think the golden text is the literal translation out of the orokin text above it. Orokin doesn't have all of the same characters as english so the translation is wonky notibly in this case the lack of the letter w makes sword look strange.
  11. The Oxylus lore wise is was designed to do search and rescue and both of it's unique mods have the word scan in them. The Helios on the other hand is described as a body guard that also acts as a codex scanner. I think collecting samples of DNA would be a function better suited to the Oxylus than the helios
  12. Hi I think you want the Italian general discussion which I think is here https://forums.warframe.com/forum/335-discussione-generale/
  13. I think it's a bug I had the same thing happen to me yesterday
  14. I believe modular archwings were going to come with the duviri paradox which has been pushed back to 2021 due to some of the limitations of working from home.
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