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  1. It's a bug that's present on all platforms. And the Railjack not being in the Dojo at random times too. Kinda weird how this hasn't been fixed yet. Also, the matchmaking also still persists even though they tried fixing it once already.
  2. Yes, support is laughably understaffed and as you said takes weeks or months to respond. And 100 hours ain't a lot unless you put a significant amount of money into it. I'd just make another account.
  3. Second time I had to force quit and lose rewards because I was too far away from my ship. Had to fly back and refine materials and then try to get to the dry dock. Guess what? There wasn't enough time.. again. How is this even a thing?
  4. "Fun"? Reduce the ridiculous grind, then we can call it fun.
  5. Do you know the difference between art concepts and finalized designs? Guess not.
  6. Why is this so much different from Orbiters though? Seriously man, it's a game. It bugs me too, I admit it, but jesus.. does it REALLY matter that much?
  7. Official announcements and saying random things on a livestream are two different things.
  8. I mean I just checked it again on their YouTube channel. It literally says christmas 2019.
  9. Wouldn't be surprised, this is DE we're talking about after all.
  10. DE never liked efficiency. Sad thing is though, open worlds have no other reliable and fast traversal options ready. K-drive? Good one. Operator dash? Nah, I am done with the exhausting focus farm. But nonetheless, that should never be a mandatory thing anyway. This will just drive people away from open worlds even more. And I don't even wanna imagine how mad eidolon hunters get. There's just one big question in my mind. How was this in any way gamebreaking? Twice the range with a 2 second cooldown? What's the actual effin point?
  11. Karu-QW

    BUFF Garuda!

    Don't worry, they'll fix this by nerfing the new Ember and Catchmoon.
  12. I find it amusing that you think DE would ever playtest their own game.
  13. I think DE seriously wants people to stop using the Arca Plasmor at this point.
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