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  1. I still have an original primed chamber that I bought it 2 years ago, I am not angry at DE, because I know that some day it will be back. may be a bit sad. after all these year that I keep mocking other players who don't have it worth every plats I spent. I am agree with @Voltage that it lost all value in a sec, but not the platinum value it about value that it keep market running. A lot of whale trader still keep working on because they want to get prime chamber, and now they lost all interest and stop trading. what I am try to say is "for a whale trader without collecter item there is no point to keep trading", so keep the original primed chamber collector item maybe turn them into something special maybe give them primed mod effect or even better turn them to cosmetic item like sigil, shoulder emblem or armor (every item inventory is tradable if DE allow it remember) to keep the whale trader working.
  2. Not wrong it's quite cheap compare to 45,000 platinum that I have spent, not really worth using unless you have perfect riven like mine. Ps. I'm not angry or sad at all, may be a bit sad, but until now after I have them more than 2 years, I think I'm satisfied with it.
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