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  1. Shadow-Spawn

    2019 Schedule Opinions?

    Lots of cool stuff for sure - I just wished they had added actual release dates for the content in this semi-roadmap. I know that those release dates will most likely be pushed back, but it's still way better for the gaming community and the dev team to have something more specific to aim for.
  2. Shadow-Spawn

    wasting boosters

    DE should put booster timers on hold when players are offline - it's not like it's very unique - there are other games out there that put booster timers on hold as well.
  3. Shadow-Spawn

    What I want to see in Warframe 2019

    That's another few billions well spend - HaHa! NASA is so full of ****!
  4. Shadow-Spawn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.9 +

    Thanks for the fixes - the game still crashes Windows in Fortuna Bounty's 5/5 though.
  5. Shadow-Spawn

    What I want to see in Warframe 2019

    I really hope DE will bring some great epic raids back into the game - of course done absolute perfectly - in an awesome Warframe setting. 😉
  6. Shadow-Spawn

    Warframe Prime Time #232: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    It begins at 1AM in Europe on a normal weekday, so it's still too late to watch live.
  7. Shadow-Spawn

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    I see that the Forum login works once again - great. Could you please talk about how many development hours you have spend on Fortuna sofar - and how many development hours you still need to launch the railjack update. Also what else is planned for this new year and how many development hours do you need to get there. If you could mention when your next 3 Devstreams will be so we can plan accordingly - or just write them in your online forum calendar - that would be super.
  8. Shadow-Spawn

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    Host migration and game crashing is still an issue in phase 2 - Fortuna.
  9. Shadow-Spawn

    Nitain Extract

    You can also let your wife\girlfriend or perhaps your best friend play a few Nitain alerts for you, when you are at work, if they have access to it.
  10. Shadow-Spawn

    Nitain Extract

    If you have trouble getting enough Nitain Extract - I would recommend using a website that currently tracks most rewards in Warframe. That way you will know exactly when you need to login and play the Nitain Extract giving missions - plus it usually gives you a few extra minutes heads up before the actual mission begins. ☺️
  11. Shadow-Spawn


    Nice, plus one Orokin Catalyst and 200K credits, when the event is finished.
  12. Shadow-Spawn


    Fomorian has now arrived near the Kronos Relay close to Saturn.
  13. Shadow-Spawn

    Account migration

    Yea it should be possible for sure.
  14. Shadow-Spawn

    Returning raids

    If raids are done correctly DE can take Warframe from 7.5/10 to 11! But it's no small undertaking - it requires a lot of skill, time and effort. Personally I would consider it as some of the best kind of endgame imaginable. I used to run countless of raids in Star Wars: The Old Republic as a Guild Master or just with completely random players. It keeps players engaged by doing the daily or weekly raids with their guild members and it evolves their skill set and play style. Tactics are explained at each boss fight for newbies - but it's still expected that the raid group will wipe again and again - as it's just a natural part of the learning curve. The 8 or 16 man raid group consists of Tanks, Healers and Damage dealers. Tanks keeps the boss focused on them and takes the blunt of the force - healers heals the team and damage dealers dps burn the boss. The group must kill the boss before the enrage timer runs out - or it will deal massive damage killing the team. There are usually around 4 bosses in one raid and it usually takes more than one hour to complete it. There are 3 types of raids with 3 levels of difficulty with somewhat changed mechanics. The easiest are story mode raids where most of the players can complete it without any problems. The next difficulty is called hard mode raids where most of the players will struggle to complete it. The highest difficulty is called nightmare mode raids where even the best raid players will get killed by making the smallest mistake, but it's still doable. How to make Warframe raids a real success? The raids must come with some epic story and epic scenery combined with some epic cinematic cutscenes, plus the epic boss fights must be fun and challenging to do. The loot must be so awesome - that it's still worth doing after your 50th time - and teaming up for a raid group must be quick and smooth. The raids should come with different levels of difficulty and technically be close to bug free with stable connections and acceptable fps. It's not a small undertaking, but it's very much worth it - if DE proves successful.
  15. Shadow-Spawn

    Returning raids

    I have only been playing Warframe for around the last 6 months, so I never had the opportunity to play the old raids, that have since been removed from the game. However I used to run daily raids as a Guild Master in SWTOR with guild members or just random players with great joy. Yes that's exactly correct - DE should really take notice of what other game producers have made with their most successful raid content.