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  1. It's not only oxium that are missing from alerts - it's many more of the resources that where part of the successful quick alert system. Instead we get the god awful no fun nightwave system to grind, but without the resources from the quick alert system. I have raised my voice against this on multiple occasions, but sadly DE does no longer listen to feedback. I don't even bother to login anymore since this asinine change was implemented without asking the gaming community for feedback. It's the Anthem team all over again busy driving this once good game over a cliff.
  2. The gaming community is calling out for less of a stupid grind - higher drop rate changes - less RNG in the game. DE respond with eerie silence + Nightwave season 2 = Grind you fools.
  3. I understand that you have just been too busy working on a new update of sorts - so you just haven't had any time to fix or remove the god awful no fun grindy nightwave system from the game or just bring back the old quick alert system - unfortunately, I have also been too busy playing other fun games instead of Warframe, so I sympathize with the current situation you have put yourself into dear Anthem team - I mean DE team.
  4. DE likes to stress, that they listened to feedback back when the game was first launched years ago, but those days are sadly long gone. The god awful no fun grindy nightwave system, that is still in the game is all the evidence you will ever need.
  5. DE likes to stress that they listened to feedback from its gaming community back when the game was first launched years ago - because it was their last chance to make the game work in praxis or else the studio would be forced to shutdown within weeks. Unfortunately, the time for listening to feedback and constructive criticism and implement changes based on this is long gone - it will ultimately kill the studio. All DE needs to do is change their ways back to their original roots and begin to listen to and implement changes based on feedback from its gaming community. I don't think DE will move as much as a finger though - it feels like they have hired team members from Anthem - they have surely been busy driving the game over a cliff lately with their sheer blind incompetence - e.g. nightwave system.
  6. Nightwave sucks - the longer time is stays the more players will come to that same conclusion - they will just leave to play fun games instead.
  7. I agree that Warframe needs some important fixes - I haven't played or logged in for some time as it's no longer fun to play for me. To say that I dislike the nightwave grindy system is a great understatement - the quick alert system that was successful for 6 was way better - even though there wasn't any real challenge doing it difficulty wise. The same can be said with the rest of the gameplay - the only real challenge is the game crashing numerous of times again and again - but that's not by design - it's by sheer incompetence from the team because these issues have been here for many years and they are still happening on a daily basis. I also think that what this game really needs are some great epic raids made absolutely perfectly with numerous of boss challenges and 2-3 difficulty modes. I used to run a full 1K members Guild that ran raids on a daily basis, so I know how awesome that can be, but it was in a different game. DE have removed raids from Warframe because the team didn't have the skills to maintain them - if the raids return to Warframe they must be done perfectly otherwise they will not be successful. I am a little sceptical about this because I don't know how much experience they have with raids.
  8. Whining about whiners only brings more whining.
  9. Good riddance to bad rubbish - if only nightwave was gone for good.
  10. The game feels like a chore at the moment - I will not play a game that's no fun to play because that's just depressing. Perhaps DE will get their s*** together down the line, but I am not holding my breath in the meantime. It just feels like they have hired Anthem team members.
  11. The devs knew that nightwave had some serious problems in series 1, but chose to let it run its course for 10 weeks before lifting a finger. The devs want to make nightwave less grindy in series 2 by giving a bit more xp for completing some of the acts and adding a few more acts. I don't think that the devs really understand how bad this system really is - stop forcing your gaming community to play stuff they don't want to play. Nightwave chore acts are no fun to play - the system is way more grindy than the quick alert system that was successful for 6 years. Don't let players waste their time doing another series again for 10 weeks before you bother to lift a finger - just bring back the quick alert system in combination with your flawed nightwave system that way players can choose for themselves what they prefer to play. I will continue not playing the game until then.
  12. Nightwave is not worth the daily login, so I haven't been playing the game at all because it's no longer any fun. Nightwave is a big middle finger from DE to its gaming community. Clearly they must have hired Anthem team members.
  13. I understand that you think it's an absurd grind - I agree with you. What I find most absurd about it is that with this nightwave grind you have to do 15 stupid acts, that are no fun to do each week for 10 weeks to get around the same rewards as before with the quick alert system, that was a success for 6 years. DE should never force players to play stuff they don't like to play to get the same rewards down the line. Do you hate mining and conservation missions well though luck you have to do them again and again. Are you a newbie well though luck you have to do sorties and tons of stuff closed off to you in your galaxy map. Do you only play solo well though luck now you have to team up with friends and clan members. Are you a role player or a PvP or PvE well tough luck you just have to suck it up and play our chore acts or quit the game.
  14. I used to play Warframe on a daily basis for a lot of fun hours each day for hundreds of days in a row - then the grindy nightwave system was launched without asking the gaming community for feedback before launching it in the first place. It was to replace the quick alert system that had been successful for 6 years because of reasons. Today I don't even bother to get the daily login rewards and I honestly cannot remember the last time I played this game. Nightwave have sucked all the fun out of playing Warframe - I am not surprised that your clans are empty - your members are most likely busy playing other games that are still fun to play. DE needs to take a good look at the game and ask themselves will this change make the game better or not - next ask their gaming community if they agree - and lastly implement the change perfectly. And standby to roll it back quickly, if it does not work as intended. And use a public test server to catch the biggest issues before launching it to their customers. Deliveries and communication from DE has been so bad lately, that I have mentioned numerous of times, that they must have hired members from the Anthem team.
  15. Your frustration is universal and certainly shared by me for sure - I don't even want to try to complete one nightwave preservation chore act because it's no fun to play - honestly it's just another nail in the coffin for this game. I really wanted the game to succeed, but it feels like DE has hired Anthem team members keen on driving the game over a cliff.
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