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  1. Wheres my galaxy frame at. Were space ninjas right? Ether/Energy based frame that controls the energy of the universe. Passive Can create a Energy shield to negate damage and regenerates for 6 seconds. Temporary increasing speed and armor. #1 Altaris all the shadows around him are drawn to him to form a large black orb, afterwards he can fire the attack at the opponent which contains intense gravity used to crush the opponent dealing aoe damage (radius 5). #2 Thought Projection this allows him to create psychic copy of himself and send it anywhere he wants. transforms his body into mist allowing them to roam freely at extremely high speeds and teleport. The copy is also capable of interacting with objects, and attacking. #3 Abyss Break Astral uses the power of the stars to create four elemental seals that gather up energy and fire a gargantuan sized blast of dark energy on the enemy, obliterating the entire area. I could only came up with 3 abilities..
  2. pls no more tracer warframes the last one was enough
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