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  1. oh yea boii !! you better get your sorry behind oiled up cause daddy samodeus is about to ram another nerfstick into your rubico
  2. The revive feature was a band aid to the host migration problem host died ? better pray hard cause hes gonna yeet out or worse, hes going to afk while leeching your rewards (on few occasions, people claimed they still get rewards even after they hit game over)4 but i vote for its removal also get those trash out of the droptable, fcken put the to the arbitration store !!
  3. can you just move those crappy new aura/arcane/drops into the arbitration store DE please, CMON edit: and remove the bloody revive mechanics, keep the drones or whatever
  4. obviously youre new cause youre missing out the part that he is endgame viable cause fashionframe is ENDGAME BABY !!! on serious note: he just runs fast, hes sh!t in anything else
  5. yo, this is a funny one or pretty sad, depends on how you see it i had a clanmate who obtained almost everything with platinum, he was kinda rich IRL so yea, primed frames, weapons, boosters etc when we asked his friend why hes no longer playing, he said, he got bored cause he had nothing to do the guy only played for a month or so
  6. rolling guard, sharpshooter, vigorous swap these bunch of craps thats clogging the reward list id be a lot happier if it gives me vitus essence instead
  7. how about you move all the unwanted mods , endo , sculpture and all the common drops in arbitration shop and then arbitration will only reward vitus essence and rare drops, ephemera, aura forma , and whatnot
  8. 2 hits from shield ? and done in in 6 mins ?? thats a godly speed for a tricap the fastest people can go for is 7-8 mins, thats a 6x3 where people 1 hits eidolon shields
  9. so youre one of those unfortunate dudes who did not get the most of the alert system huh ? were you playing casually for 2 years ? like 1 hour a day ? in that case, yeah , the alert system isnt suited for that kind of playstyle im guessing you were a loner too because you had to ask for taxi everytime an alert pops up in a locked node i had a generous clan early on in the game, members were generous to offer taxi to people who doesnt have the node unlocked everytime a worthwhile alert shows up and i was happy to return the favor when i had mine fully unlocked, the alert system boosted interactivity in the clan in some way and for me, most of my plat went to forma bundles, the forma bundles i bought was around double the amount of warframe slots ive bough, which they never hand out freely prior nightwave, now theyre giving away some, im sure they can afford to give away potates, but they insisted on removing alerts completely.
  10. not really, this post kinda reminds me how the old alert system is more convenient for new players back then, it was like DE is handing out potatoes to everyone at a random time, if you were active , you can one or two per week there were also kavat genetic codes and the usual aura mods, if they show up, theyre up for grabs to everyone now its like, DE hands you 100 tokens every week, depending if youre active, or if you have cleared certain requirements to be eligible for that 100 tokens now if you have a 100 token, you need to split em depending on your need, oh look its the aura mod that i need, theres also potatoes and that cool helmet i wanted, too bad , you can only get what you can afford
  11. BRING BACK THE ALERTS !!! but keep the nightwave, its the only content that keeps me going
  12. yeah, its a trash arcane dont @ me magus repair is 1000x better
  13. awesome, my meat got really hard after i saw the patchnotes
  14. people are already raging because they expected much from mesa prime , i wonder if this happened before w/ other prime access note: im one of the people who isnt happy with the prime accessory package, i was dead set on buying a prime syandana along with mesa prime
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