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  1. I can understand why Umbra AI and Wukong AI kills might not count, but this has no justification, this has to be a bug. Make kills done by mind controlled target count toward this nightwave act.
  2. TL;DR: Currently there is no way to see an idle loop of both howl and greeting emotes unless you use another bug that allows you to save your animation cycle when interacting with the transference chair. And there are other problems: operator's pose is never straight up "t-pose/default" and their head is always tilted which makes face editing quite clunky. As well as occasional rotation locks that prevent you from rotating your operator. Sometimes operator's head will follow your mouse cursor and most of the times it won't. Smoking body ephemera ceases to emit smoke after you change one of the suit energy colors.
  3. It also works with all other emotes, no extra behind-the-scenes animations, but some of them make customization of your operator extra goofy.
  4. It's not the same animation on repeat it's a different loop that looks neat and more natural than a freeze-frame pose. You just need to see it for yourself and you'll understand that it isn't as bad as you think.
  5. It turns out that both WoS6's emotes have unique animation loops that should start right when your frame/operator becomes an immovable statue. And the only way to see those animations is to get out of you frame, stand close the chair so that the action key to do the void thing pop's up. Then use any of the two emotes and press your action key, you'll see that your operator won't be sitting as usual. Then you can either get out of the chair and observe it like that or go to operator customisation. For some reason entering the chair never actually resets your animation state and also triggers animation loop for these two emotes. So can we get those emotes fixed and can you please make operator's pose default to standing straight and not some other crooked way? It really messes with face editing. P.S.: No, it's not the same animation loop of howling or crossing your hands on your chest. Those unseen animation loops look natural and great, but for some reason were never fixed.
  6. Never mind(???) his eye textures are back to previous version. At this point I don't even know what's going on.
  7. Even though I completely agree and controlled units should have a better modified version of their default enemy AI it seems that "death of AI" is based on what I can only assume heavy script failures. Different host experiences yield different results: AI either observes the universe in a catatonic state or runs around and deals considerable (for level 30-ish mission) damage. (It's probably a leftover bug from that time when they made the unit follow you, but then reverted it) True damage would complement Absorb greatly, that's for sure. It just boggles my mind how can a nuke ability be so bad that the only way you actually use it is with an augment to go full terminator. That would fit much better than "she's the mind controlling lady she's elusive and stuff". A simple 25% chance to proc confusion on an enemy that's targeting you for longer than 2 seconds is enough to make her passive better and more suitable for her theme of mind control. I've spent at least 2 hours in simulacrum trying to understand why elemnatal damage is completely ignored on guns with primary physical damage and why crits do actually impact your overall damage to the target (opposite to what the wiki says). Even though MC is highly interractive with your weapons you suffer greatly if you bring a weapon that you prefer over the one that will provide you with a solid 500%+ damage boost on the target. They could've reworked Mind Freak to increase the time period when you can dump damage into your target up to 100% of MC duration and allow enemies to contribute to damage build-up as well.
  8. I suppose because of its rarity nobody have reported this earlier. Emissive channels on Sibear don't mix at all, only primary color is used.
  9. I'll get straight to business. Last Nyx rework provided a solid base for her future changes, at least in my eyes. Things that, I think, would enhance the current Nyx experience: 1. Increase mind control duration from 30 to 60 seconds. 1.2. Remove that awful duration decrease on certain units. ( There are multiple instances when this limitation hurts the gameplay: a) you're in a mission that has those units as majority of spawns. b) This is the strongest potential target for mind control and with the weapons we have it'll die quickly no matter what, so you're wasting a good unit for nothing.) 2. Add scaling movement speed and attack rate buff to mind control. (As observed from games with speed nova this would soften the impact of AI stupidity and time wasted on animations) 3. Absorb needs to have its "energy per 1000 damage absorbed" mechanic removed. (With the way damage types are stored and the fact that you'd need to waste all of your energy just to get that 400% damage boost cap this change would help every type of Nyx player. And Im certain that it won't turn her into press-4-to-win frame) 4. Add a 0.5 seconds of invulnerability after exiting absorb. (This way Nyx has a better chances of getting out of sticky situations alive) These changes are obviously based on my personal experience as a periodical Nyx main. And I hope to see them implemented one day.
  10. This might be it. Yesterday I had another encounter and the eyes were of blue and yellow colors with some whites mixed in-between.
  11. Here's another interesting thing: wally's eyes use the old texture in the war within quest. Which is kind of a bummer. (probably because the one we get in our ship is treated like decoration and the one in the quest is using a texture swap).
  12. His eyes are no longer of orange-ish yellow color with almost Jupiter-like texture. Now they are white with a hint of blue-ish/green, the same colors as the Void. Probably a sign of more content involving him in the future. Or something else...
  13. You guys should consider removing RNG factor with "staging": First death - Primal Forces buff. (My guess is this might be better off as a buff to proc damage and status chance instead.) Second death - Cosmic Armour buff. Third death - Heavenly Cloak buff. Although I feel like even this won't cover all of the situations that might happen in a mission, so maybe a condition system would work even better: Primal Forces activates only when there are more than 10 non-elite enemies and 1 elite unit (bombard, heavy gunner, etc) giving you a way to deal with them quickly. Cosmic Armour activates only when you die in a room with more than one elite unit giving you enough time to reposition and deal with those threats without dying. Heavenly Cloak activates only when you die and the enemy didn't sound off alarm... etc, etc. This way is a bit harder since you'll have to account for many wariations but it should provide more usefulness than getting the extra loot buff when you are pinned down in a room with 3 level 100 gunners or 5 level 100 toxic ancients. Sly Alchemy and Monkey Luck should instead start with 0% efficency and ramp up as long as you are alive (capping at some point obviously), giving players an incentive to survive.
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