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  1. [SUGGESTION: Kuva Lich Opt-in Feature] ISSUE On the wiki, one anon player commented that they wanted to opt out of the Kuva Lich system, and at first, you might tell them just not to kill larvlings, but the original request seems quite reasonable. So I just wanted to advocate for this part of the player base for the following reasons: A lower level player may engage and kill a larvling without understanding the consequences. These players are less likely to be well-equipped to deal with this content (think we agree that it's advanced or relatively "end-game" content), so they would be unable to deal with their Lich, and thus be penalized as the Lich continues to tax their rewards (you might think the tax is not much, but this might not be the only reason a player doesn't want to engage with the system as a whole.) Even if a player learns to avoid the larvling, it is an annoyance at best for the Queens to pop in missions regularly. Also, there may be players who simply do not want to do this particular content for other reasons. SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS There are two parts to a solution: flagging yourself in or out of this content, and then how that flag is implemented within game-mechanics. There are two similar, but slightly different ways to solve the flagging component: Opt-in, or Opt-out. Opt out, at first, may seem like the best, as everyone is in by default, and players would somehow flag themselves for opt-out. However, it would be a better experience for most players if they were not flagged by default, and then the player is given the agency to opt-in once they've met the criteria to do the content. For the game mechanics, there are a lot of creative ways to make this work, but it boils down to be an item that's equipped. This could be an item that is equipped in the gear wheel, a sigil equipped in appearance/regalia, just to name some obvious ways. There are various complications that could be added: making the item needing to be farmed, crafted in the forge, or being expendable, to name a few. Perhaps the simplest implementation would be to simply give players a single gear-equipped item at the end of the requisite quest, and likewise give that same item to all players who have completed said quest via an inbox attachment. When the player equips this item, this enables the possibility of Grineer larvlings spawning in missions exactly as is currently implemented. Seems pretty low effort for improving QoL for players who aren't ready for Kuva Lich content. A second solution would be to allow players to eradicate their current lich. They player would forgo all the rewards, and they'd be ineligible to have another larvling appear for some preset amount of time (maybe a week?). To make this fit within the narrative, there could be some kind of weapon or poison.
  2. Issue: Syndicate Sigils are a "setting" that is tied gameplay (selecting such sigils allow players to build standing with associated syndicates) that is at odds with its being set in each Warframe's appearance. Said another way, the aesthetic appearance of each Warframe determines the collection of a fundamental in-game resource. As players collect more Warframes, managing this gameplay setting becomes annoying at best and tiresome for many. While there are workarounds, let's seek a solution that resolves the fundamental issue. Ramifications of current design: Changing which syndicate to rank requires changes to many Warframes' appearances. The more Warframes a player collects (and plays), the bigger the pain when one wants to change which syndicate to represent. When a new sigil is obtained, same problem as above, player has to update the sigil for numerous Warframes and appearance loadouts. When changing to a different frame in haste, players may run missions with the wrong Syndicate than they would prefer. Worse, some players may ignore which syndicate they're representing or even forgoing to choose to represent any Syndicate at all. In either case, this is content that DE has built that players are not fully engaged with, thus reducing the return on development investment. Newbies do not intuitively know how to set their syndicate. Current workarounds: Create multiple loadouts for each syndicate that one would typically represent. The side effect of this is the appearance is intrinsically linked to the syndicate, which might be undesirable for a player. Tie certain frames to certain syndicates by having Warframe's A, B, and C represent Syndicate X, while D and E represent Y. Root cause I could go on. There are workarounds for this issue, but they don't resolve the fundamental issue, which is that syndicate selection is tied to Warframes' appearances. Players can acquire many Warframe slots, and players may want to use their appearance loadouts for concerns outside of faction representation. Further, there is currently no way to instantly select which syndicate to represent at a global level. Possible Solutions Full, outright separation of active Syndicate from appearance: a global syndicate selection is used, and sigils set in Warframes' Appearance is entirely ignored. Bonus standing could be set based on the best sigil acquired for the selected syndicate. Add a new "Syndicate wildcard" sigil that changes based on a Global Sigil selection. This solution can work side-by-side with the existing solution: Players would apply this sigil once in the desired appearances, and from then on, this sigil would change to sigil (selected globally and in another part of the game interface). Syndicate standing would be based on the globally selected standing sigil. Personally, while I believe Solution 1 is better in terms of simplicity for new players, Solution 2 would be a better solution as it is an addition to the current system and removes no existing functionality. Altogether, this is pretty small-fry in terms of what the game needs right now, but my hope is that devs would consider looking into this after the end-of-year push. DE, thank you for your hard work, time and consideration.
  3. Did the music happen to stop...and a single chord play? If so, someone might have Whipped out their Shawzin....Produces an issue that sound similar (see posts above you).
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