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  1. Ritchel

    PC Baro Intel: Ducat Pricing Trends

    its always nice to have a max ducat pricing of 300
  2. Ritchel

    The Silver Grove

    Thanks DE! i'm back too :D
  3. Ritchel

    Hotfix 16.4.4 +

    rip volt? havent tried, havent login. if so. sad. hes very useless and nerf him more. great. ill just wait till u17 if theres better buffs and content
  4. Ritchel

    Psa/heads Up: 16.4 Eta Thread

    new weapons always makes me excited id hope it would not be a weird unuseable primary like the buzzlok
  5. Ritchel

    Hotfix 16.3.5

    fix the weapon solo/hosting muzzlefire visual bug already =_=
  6. Ritchel

    Hotfix 16.3.3 +

    u guys figured out how to fix the muzzle fire visual bug when host/solo? Q_Q sad times i was expecting this also but..nope Q_Q ----there are also TONS of jagged lines on textures needed to be fixed, e.g. tonbo lines bugs so many gg
  7. Ritchel

    An Increase In Toxicity Within This Community

    i helped a newbie finish vor next thing is his begging for platinum region is where bored people lurk, and bored people can be toxic. happens to me, i know, been one the game itself makes the community frustrated a player bumps into a bug, he complain it over region a player hostmigrates an disconnects, he curse and complain it over region a player forced to quit his mission when the door is stucked theres alot of bugs that makes people frustrated some other scenario include: bringing volt/hydroid on a high lvl place will get you ridiculed because he is not capable and his abilities doesnt bring a good use for high lvl content, its always the loki, nova, etc combo.
  8. Ritchel

    Hotfix 16.3.2

    no buff for beam weapons like supra ? for all i know beam laser weapons should have its own damage properties shotguns needs to have its damage falloff reduced and snipers should have innate punch thru nullifier nullifying the nekro and effigy supposed to happen, since nullifier suppose to purge abilities thank RNG for them lookin into the muzzle fire bug.
  9. Ritchel

    Thank You For Watching Devstream #50!

    i like beccas new hair :-]
  10. Pls fix the firearm muzzle flash bug. It happens when you travel far in the map, i think it forgets to reload that animation back
  11. Ritchel

    Update 16.3: The New Protocols

    ive never encounter those bugs that has been fixed the one that i encounter normally is extractors occasionally not popping up in excavations, muzzle fires not showing and matchmaking problems solo-excavations not spawning mobs near the excavator but those are the things that they havent fixed. ugh
  12. Ritchel

    Psa: 16.2.2 Black Screen On Load

    kewl, goodluck for the fix thanks for this post
  13. Ritchel

    Hotfix 16.2.1

    STILL NO FIX FOR: failing to re-load the muzzle flash visualization on fully automatic/auto weapons this happens when you travel longer in maps (happening since u15) https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/397557-muzzle-flash-not-showing-on-weapons/?view=getnewpost this is very annoying, i hope it gets fixed very soon
  14. Ritchel

    Update 16.2

    no no no no volt augment should not be like this :( No fix for occasional missing muzzle fire visuals for guns