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  1. I recently built Oberon Prime and noticed he didn't have the secondary energy color slot. Is this intentional or a possible bug?
  2. I can totally relate to your sentiments. When I first started playing Warframe, the grind felt like it was near impossible, especially with my limited gaming time. But I think its because the game isn't designed like a traditional game. Much like MagPrime explained, the game is essentially designed to be "everlasting", with content and loot being continuously added over time. As where in traditional games, there's a starting point and a set endgame(no more content to be added). Warframe doesn't have an endgame, only future content/loot. So it needs to balance loot drop rates and content release as to retain its audience. Then there is also the marketing aspect with platinum and trading. After all DE is a company with employees and servers to pay to keep running.
  3. Want to buy Oberon Prime set or parts
  4. Alt helmet looks great! Really appreciate DE's efforts on this one.
  5. Mesa Prime looks brilliant, really can't wait to play her! I also agree that the accessories pack seems a bit lacking. I think had it also included a syandana or armor set it would be a more compelling purchase.
  6. Can't wait for this! Anyone have any info on the size for this download?
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